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Hands-on with Runmeter

New year, new you, and there are a host of location-based iPhone apps that can help you look a bit more lithe at Point B than you did at Point A. Runmeter [iTunes link] is one of them. Like almost all apps in its genre (Nike+ and RunKeeper Pro [iTunes link]), Runmeter's main purpose is to track the...

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Nike+ iPod equals a weight loss success formula

(As a follow up to Tim Wasson's 'An Apple a Day' fitness plan, I thought I'd share my experience on how the Nike+ iPod kit helped me lose weight.) It's high noon in Los Angeles on a late May Sunday. But this isn't your typical Sunday. You see, I'm about to finish my first ever marathon. As I make my...

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TUAW First Look: Nike+iPod on your iPhone 3GS

When the second generation of iPod touch was announced, one slide on the presentation included built-in support for the Nike+iPod sensor. The cool thing was that you no longer needed the unsightly dongle hanging off your device. The touch just "sees" the Nike sensor and you could add it to the devic...

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BusinessWeek gives Nike+iPod thumbs up

In a review of Nike+iPod today, Mike Vella of BusinessWeek gives the combination a good review saying the unit is easy-to-use and accurate, despite it's lack of a heart rate monitor. Me, I'm not in love with the idea of a glorified pedometer. If you can't use it on a bike and it assumes your strides...

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Class action lawsuits filed against Apple

Just when you think Apple's financial woes have begun to recede, Forbes.com alerts us to a slew of recently filed class action lawsuits that all have the big fruit in their sights. First up is yet another complaint alleging that Apple has created a monopoly by tying iTS purchases to the iPod and onl...

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Widget Watch: Nike+ iPod Challenges and Goals widgets

I have been trying to get in shape, but I haven't yet gotten myself a Nike + iPod sports kit. When I do, though, I will be sure to download these two Widgets that Nike has just made available (they are currently in Beta, but what isn't?). One widget tracks your challenges (you can challenge another...

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Avoid the Nike/iPod sports kit if you're a secret agent

According to Wired News, the iPod + the Nike sports kit == Big Trouble if you're a spy. A University of Washington reports that "tech-savvy stalkers, thieves and corporations" can possibly track your movements when using the Nike/iPod kit. The iPod/Nike mashup allows you to track your training prog...

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Nike CORE Audio iPod Backpack

Nike's C.O.R.E. Audio iPod Backpack won't track your workout data like the Nike + sport kit, but it does have a "padded media pocket" with a dock connector for iPod stowage and an integrated remote control keypad on the strap that allows you to conveniently control your music (play/pause, change tra...

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MacBook Pro and Nike + iPod Sport Kit compete for Time magazine's Gadget of the Year

It's that time of the year for Time's "Gadget of the Year" and Apple has two strong contenders in the running (no pun intended), out of the eight nominees. The MacBook Pro and the Nike + iPod Sport Kit trail behind the Nintendo DS Lite for first place right now - but your votes could put them over ...

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Look at your workout data without using the Nike Plus website

Matt is a big fan of the Nike + iPod kit, as it would seem more people who use it are. He does have on problem with it, though. There is not an easy way to share your running data with others. Sure, the Nike Plus website graphs your progress, and you can compete with other runners, but you can't lin...

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Nike + iPod: 1 million miles and counting

To say that the Nike + iPod sports kit has been a hit would be something of an understatement. His Steveness told us on Sept. 12th that 450,000 of the kits had been sold in just 90 days, but I wondered if anyone was actually using them. It turns out that lots of folks are, and Nike has just announce...

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Nike + iPod interface in action

Cool Hunting managed to snag some pics of the Nike + iPod interface during the press conference, and it looks pretty nifty. They also got some photos of runners suited up with an iPod (and a thing in their shoes I imagine). Go check it out....

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