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You can download North Korea's OS X ripoff right now

Ever wanted to download an operating system dreamed up by a totalitarian government with heavy inspiration from OS X and take it for a spin? Thanks to the magic of the Internet, such a thing is possible today with the newly-leaked retail version of North Korea's Red Star OS 3.0, which resembles an...

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North Korea goes from Windows 7 to OS X with latest Red Star Linux

Wait, what? Yep, you read that right. North Korea, with embargoes out the wazoo, has its own national operating system (of course), a Linux variant called Red Star OS. According to Computerworld, North Korea has changed the look of the OS from a Windows 7-style interface to a remarkably-similar-to...

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North Korea launches targeted attack... on Angry Birds

North Korea's government-approved Samjiyon tablet is about as desirable as you'd guess, but there's something the sad little slate has that even the iPad doesn't: a built-in copy of Angry Birds Rio. As The Washington Post reports, Angry Birds creators Rovio Entertainment confirmed the existence of...

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Joyful Executions gets death penalty from the App Store for "excessively objectionable content"

Apple runs the App Store with an incredibly strict set of guidelines. No pornographic, explicit, crude or otherwise objectionable content is allowed. Apparently that includes satire. In keeping with the company's move this past January rejecting Endgame: Syria Apple has blocked a new game called J...

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No Comment: Kim Jong-un uses an iMac

North Korea released some photos of its leader, Kim Jong-un, hard at work. Besides the map showing (quite clearly) a "US mainland strike plan," dear leader can be seen with what appears to be a 21.5" aluminum unibody iMac. Not to make light of a geopolitical crisis, but the fact that an iMac ...

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North Korea barred from enjoying iPods

Today NewsVine reports on the sales ban of iPods and Macs to North Korea. The article states this is the first time that trade sanctions have been used "to personally aggravate a foreign president". Other banned items include Rolex watches, cigarettes, Harley Davidson motorcycles and Jet Skis, which...

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