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Microsoft buys Minecraft studio Mojang, but promises to continue iOS, Mac development

Everyone's favorite sandbox game, Minecraft, is now officially owned by Microsoft thanks to a $2.5 billion deal the company made to purchase developer Mojang. The buy will see Microsoft take control of a game that is published -- and extremely popular -- across many of the platforms of its competi...

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Daily iPhone App: Micro Miners combines Lemmings and mining in a cute brew

Back before he invented Minecraft, developer Notch made a little Java game called Miners 4K, which had you digging tunnels on a 2D playing field for little miners to find minerals and other goodies below the dirt. Another developer named Jean-Philippe Sarda later decided to take that idea and r...

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition out on iOS today

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft, released a little while ago exclusively on Android, has been spotted on the New Zealand App Store today, which means the title will work its way around the world and arrive on the App Store in North America this evening. The full PC version of Minecraft (which h...

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