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Digital StrongBox simply stores securely

Digital StrongBox is a simple app to securely store personal information, notes, photos, and videos on your iPhone or iPad so that it is safe from prying eyes. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is certainly strong enough for anyone's purposes and protects your data behind a 4 to 8 digit access c...

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Pad & Quill Notes: A stylish notebook app from the case and bag craftsmen

Readers of TUAW know that we have an affinity for the products made by Minneapolis-based Pad & Quill. Whether it's one of the company's amazing iPhone wallet cases, the gorgeous new leather bags or its complete line of wood and leather iPad cases, the company has the Moleskine-style notebook l...

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Moxtra app for iPad gives you binders full of shareable content

In the ultra-cloud, post-PC era, we do not lack for ways to share our stuff. Got a presentation deck to show? You can go full-on web meeting with Webex, GoToMeeting, or Fuze Meeting; to create the content and share it smoothly, Slideshare or Sliderocket will serve, as would either Googl...

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Get productive for less with the ProductiveMacs bundle

It's a great time of the year to find software deals. Yesterday we mentioned the MacUpdate bundle, and today we're looking at the ProductiveMacs bundle, featuring (as you'd expect) a bunch of stellar productivity apps. Included in the bundle are some of my personal favorites, like Default Folde...

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MacBook Air now makes up 28 percent of Apple's notebook shipments

Thanks to some NPD figures brought to light by Morgan Stanley (via AppleInsider), it's now clear how much of an impact the MacBook Air's mid-2011 update had on Apple's diminutive notebook. Though Apple's thinnest laptop accounted for a mere eight percent of overall notebook shipments in May, just...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me take notes at school

Dear Aunt TUAW, Now that most of the country's college students are going back to school, I need recommendations for note-taking software for my Mac. In the meantime, let me say, "Boo-hoo Microsoft for not making OneNote for OS X." Sincerely, Kenny M Dear Kenny, If you're looking fo...

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Acer chairman: iPad "fever" will recede

One thing you can say about the founder and chairman of Taiwan-based PC maker Acer -- they're optimists. A few weeks ago, TUAW ran a story about Acer founder Stan Shih, who was quoted as saying that iPads were a "fad." Now Acer chairman J.T. Wang is on the record in a Reuter's post as saying that...

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ZooGue's BinderPad: A unique take on an iPad 2 case

It's the time of year when all the iPad case manufacturers are getting their products ready for the "back to school" rush, so I've been getting plenty of emails and writing a lot of reviews. It was refreshing to see something completely different from ZooGue -- the BinderPad (US$29.99) -- that ...

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Apple's flash-buying clout seen as huge advantage

Apple is not only winning the tablet wars, it's already poised to beat out Intel's new Ultrabook line of tablet-inspired notebooks that are expected to arrive later this year. The Ultrabook is Intel's attempt to merge the instant-on features of a tablet with the power of a notebook. These ...

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Could Apple retake top spot among portable computer makers in 2012?

It's a difficult question for some analysts to answer. Is the iPad a new class of device or is it a version of an ultra-portable notebook? How you group the iPad makes a huge difference to those professionals trying to assess the impact of the iPad on the notebook computer market. If you grou...

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Apple's lithium-polymer battery purchases hindering other manufacturers

Apple supposedly has a lock on the touch panel market, and now it seems the Cupertino company is doing the same thing in the Lithium-polymer battery market. According to Digitimes, Apple has bought up most of the available supply of Lithium-polymer batteries used in notebook computers and mobil...

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MacBooks get highest score in all Consumer Reports categories

According to The Loop, Consumer Reports has rated Apple's MacBook line as the top computer in every laptop category. The 11-inch MacBook Air took the top score for small laptops, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro dominated its category, taking the top five of seven spots. Apple's 15-inch and 17-inch M...

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Which MacBook should you buy?

CNET compares the 13" MacBooks, the Air, Pro and White (aka "The MacBook Just Known as MacBook but which I call the WhiteBook") and tries to figure out how to tell you which one you should buy. The results are not all that surprising: if you want impressive benchmarks, get the Pro. If you want ...

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DIY Composition notebook cover for MacBook Air

Have an 11-inch MacBook Air and want to jazz it up with a skinmod that propels you back to your school days? If you responded with an enthusiastic "yes," then you need to check out this composition notebook skin from Beyondthetech. The skin will transform the outer lid of your MacBook Air int...

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Beta Mac client for Evernote adds sharing controls, notebook stacks

The perennial TUAW favorite 'bucket app' Evernote has added two intriguing new features in the beta version of the Mac client: in-app notebook sharing controls and Stacks for notebook organization. Both are available immediately to free and paid Evernote users who choose to update to the beta (just...

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