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The tech in MyScript Smart Note is perfect for stylus users

MyScript Smart Note is a note-taking app for iPad geared toward stylus users who want a comprehensive solution for jotting down handwritten notes that actually function like physical, organized notebooks rather than like sketches. It recognizes your handwriting and treats it like text, allowing y...

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Stay organized and creative with the free version of NoteLedge

The NoteLedge iPad app, free in the App Store with in-app purchases, is built around inspiring creativity, not staying organized. Of course, it's great for that too. Unfortunately, NoteLedge gives a bad first impression. It immediately prompts you to sign up for the developer's Kdan cloud ser...

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UpWord Notes is a useful new note-taking and task management app

UpWord Notes is a new note taking and reminders app from the Lau Brothers that focuses on convenience, allowing you to track important information easily and get things done quicker. UpWord is designed to make it easy for you to quickly jot down a note and get on with your business. When you laun...

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Gift-giving with a personal touch via BOND for iPhone

The rapid growth of the app-centric ecosystem means that it's possible to do almost anything with a few taps on your iPhone. Unfortunately, one of the things that's gotten harder is building and maintaining a personal connection with clients, friends and family -- particularly for on-the-go professi...

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Daily iPhone App: Notograph is a photography tool for your important notes

The iOS camera app is handy for taking photos of your memorable moments. It's also useful for grabbing snapshots of important notes, receipts or lunch break napkin scribbles. This usefulness is stymied when you hop into the camera roll and find your important note mixed in with hundreds of photos of...

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iOS notetaking service 'Catch Notes' shutting down August 30th

Users of the popular iOS app Catch Notes, take note (no pun intended): the note-taking and archiving service is shutting down as of August 30. The service allowed people to take notes via text, photos or voice and share them with friends and colleagues. The company has not been specific about why ...

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Get the most out of Apple's Notes app

Notes took a great leap forward with the introduction of iCloud and OS X Mountain Lion. Once a static app that sat on your iOS device, Notes now allows you to jot down quick messages and sync them across your Apple devices. In a post from this weekend, Sandro Cuccia of The Mac Observer takes a dee...

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Watch a vintage Mac 512K talk to an iMac via Siri

Niles Mitchell has a variety of Apple devices, including an iPhone with Siri, an iMac and a vintage Mac 512K. Using a combination of the old Speak program, AppleScript and iCloud Notes, Mitchell was able to send files from his iMac to his Mac 512K via Siri. It's a clever mix of old and new tech...

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AppleScripting OmniFocus > Send Completed Task Report to Evernote

I've mentioned before that OmniFocus is my task manager of choice. Each morning, I pull up a list of scheduled tasks for the day, and focus on getting them done. In OmniFocus, I've set up Perspectives (saved window states) for both Due tasks and Completed tasks. What I really want, however, is som...

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Daily iPad App: NotesTab seamlessly syncs your notes between iOS, Mac and Windows 8

When it comes to note-taking, I prefer apps that are lightweight and easy to use. I want to be able to quickly open a note, capture a thought before it disappears and then move on. Recently, I've ditched iOS Notes and have been using NotesTab from Fiplab. NotesTab is a universal app, but I've b...

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Apple rejects Mac app update that shows iTunes 11 notifications

An app update has been rejected from the Mac App Store for using Notification Center in a way Apple says is wrong. Listening To is a US$1.99 app by developer Sherief Farouk, and the whole point of the app is to get a notification whenever iTunes plays a new music track. It seems straightforward...

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MySpace keeps Apple from Music app icon trademark

Apple's trying to file paperwork to nail down a trademark on its Music app icon, but the trademark is being blocked by a pretty unlikely source: MySpace. And it's not even related to the recent reinvention of the second-place social network, either. Back in 2008, a music service called iLike ...

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Daily iPhone App: Note.S is a simple and impressive daily journal

Yes, there are plenty of notes apps out there, in varying amounts of quality and cost, and odds are that you already have some notes saved up somewhere on your iOS device (for me, it's right there in the official Notes app). But every once in a while, an app comes along that's just so simple an...

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New Notes and Reminders web apps now live

Apple has just activated new web apps on that have been, until now, only available to developers. The new feature adds the Notes and Reminders web apps along with improvements to the Mail and Find My iPhone web apps. The new Notes and Reminders web apps look exactly like their matchi...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Let me help people fix their notes on Mountain Lion

Dear Aunt TUAW, I am writing you because I think you may want to publish this on your column, as a tip to your trillions of readers. On Leopard, Apple included Notes within Mail, an app I use exclusively. I wrote many notes on Mail, including to-do reminders and background notes. Enter M...

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