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Tag: notetaking

Equil Smartpen 2 captures notes, sketches with a real pen

For a lot of people, there's no substitute for taking notes with a pen and piece of paper. You can draw, annotate, write, and organize your information in a real notebook. The problem comes when you want to get some of that information into a computer, at which time you usually have to transcrib...

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Daily iPhone App: Note.S is a simple and impressive daily journal

Yes, there are plenty of notes apps out there, in varying amounts of quality and cost, and odds are that you already have some notes saved up somewhere on your iOS device (for me, it's right there in the official Notes app). But every once in a while, an app comes along that's just so simple an...

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Daily Mac App: Quick Note

Lots of people still use notepads to jot down quick reminders, even when they're in front of their Macs. Quick Note is a note taking utility that gives you the simple, quick writing experience of a pad of paper on your desk, but on your Mac. Simplicity and speed are key in this kind of app an...

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Daily iPad App: Ghostwriter Notes

Ghostwriter Notes for the iPad is a note-taking solution that'll let you scribble your thoughts or jot down the highlights of a lecture on your tablet device. The app uses the idea of a virtual notebook to store your writings and lets you create an unlimited number of these notebooks. You ca...

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New Core version of Curio in the Mac App Store

We've mentioned the brainstorming, mind mapping, project managing notebook application Curio a few times before. The full version, Curio Professional, runs US$169.99, and the Standard version is $119.99, and both are well worth it in this blogger's opinion. Today, however, Curio announced a new C...

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Moleskine debuts app for iPad and iPhone

Moleskine has taken its popular journal and updated it for the 21st century with the debut of the Moleskine app for iPhone and iPad. The free app allows you to choose between font size, paper types (ruled, grid or blank) and text colors. It also comes with some now-standard features that most note...

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Trunk Notes: a Markdown-based wiki, to go

I know, I went and used "wiki" and "Markdown" in the headline and scared off all of the non-nerds. Nerds, welcome. If you're a non-nerd who kept reading, well, keep reading. Markdown is an easy way to create HTML, and wikis are a powerful means of connecting and organizing your notes. Your mobile no...

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TUAW's Daily App: Chapters

Chapters (US$3.99 on the iPad) looks like a terrific app for your various notetaking enterprises. I haven't yet been completely sold on the iPad as a blogging or writing device; so far, I've stuck with my MacBook rather than an iPad when I need to be out remotely somewhere keeping notes or writing ...

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Notable iPad apps

The iPad is great for a lot of tasks, but one area of potential appeals to me more than any other: brainstorming and note taking. I'm not alone, judging from the outcropping of specialized apps for doing just this. I haven't had the time (or money) to hunt down and experiment with every note-taking ...

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Pear Note: note taking for the best of us

Though I graduated from college (Go Bears!) not so long ago, in computer years it seems like ages: notebook computers have almost completely replaced spiral-bound notebooks, and PowerPoint and Keynote are increasingly supplanting the chalkboard. The changing dynamics of teaching demand a change in t...

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VoodooPad 4.0 provides WebDAV sync

VoodooPad got a major upgrade today; after an intense beta period, version 4.0 is live. For those of you not familiar, VoodooPad is a personal wiki, a brainstorming and note-taking tool and the ultimate "geek's notebook" (my term, not theirs). With the ability to import a variety of files and link o...

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Curio 5.3 is out

I'm currently working on a piece detailing exactly why Zengobi's Curio has become a favorite of mine, especially in the area of project management and brainstorming, but also in general as a truly enjoyable-to-use application. In the meantime, though, I thought I'd better get an announcement out for...

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Curio Back to School special

If you're looking for a creative application to collect and organize notes, ideas and more, check out Curio. Curio provides a free-form interface for collecting pages which can contain notes, images, links to files, mind maps, sketches -- just about anything you'd need to get ideas and notes out of ...

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Omni Group posts OmniOutliner screencasts

OmniOutliner is arguably the Photoshop of the note-taking industry; it's endowed with a plethora of powerful abilities that are wrapped in a well-designed experience, and it wears many hats for its many users. It only makes sense, then, for the Omni crew to team up with ScreenCastsOnline to produc...

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Notae 1.1

Notae 1.1 has just been released bring with it a slew some new features that compliment this already useful note taking application. You can now drag and drop items you want to import into Notae, as well as dragging things into and out of notes. Search has also been improved as it is now word based ...

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