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Flashy notifications from Flashr Kickstarter project

LED notifications -- the flashing reminders of incoming calls, waiting voicemail or text messages -- are often cited by Android users as an essential advantage over the iPhone. A dedicated LED on the front bezel of many Android devices lets you know when you have something to attend to without ...

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Growl developers describe the app's major changes

Growl, the notification system for Mac OS X, was recently updated to version 1.3. While "dot updates" to apps usually don't signal a major change, that's not the case with the latest version of Growl. In a post on the Growl blog, the team described the major changes that have taken place: Gro...

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Growl 1.3 now available on the Mac App Store

Growl, perhaps the most well-known and popular notification system for OS X, has just released version 1.3 as a Mac App Store exclusive. The previously free notification system has become a paid app with Growl 1.3. As Macstories points out, the reason the Growl team decided to make what was pre...

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Apple reportedly adds earthquake warning to Japanese iOS

Apple is supposedly adding an Earthquake widget to its Japanese version of iOS 5. The widget will connect to Japan's earthquake warning system and will alert iPhone owners of an impending natural disaster. The system will tie into iOS 5's new notification center and give Japanese residents a fe...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: HardwareGrowler

Have you ever wanted to keep an eye on what's happening with the hardware on your system using pop-up notifications? Well a little known extra to a very well known program called Growl could be just the ticket. HardwareGrowler (HwG) comes packed with Growl in the "Extras" folder on the Growl ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: UnPlugged

The Magsafe is a fantastic innovation, but it has made it slightly easier to disconnect your Mac from the AC outlet by accident without realising it. UnPlugged is a little free utility that notifies you via Growl when the power cord is disconnected. Now it's true that if you're running a portab...

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Notificant is a helpful reminder no matter where you are

Carmel Cloud has released the iOS version of Notificant, which ties schedule notifications made on your Mac with your iOS device. The Mac version of this program debuted shortly after the Mac App Store rolled out in January, but the lack of iOS integration caused many not to use it to its full ...

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Two Growl styles worth a serious look

Designer/Developer Christopher Lobay has been hard at work making some excellent Styles for the system notification app, Growl. Growl displays temporary, floating notification windows above your desktop to let you know about things like new messages, completed downloads, changes in Skype availabilit...

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Growl at 1.2, with 64-bit support

Ever since upgrading to Snow Leopard, the one remaining 32-bit niggle I have has been with Growl's preference pane. Today, however,* Growl has released v1.2 of its famous application notification system with, among other things, 64-bit support. While most of the updates in 1.2 are "behind the sce...

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Get your notifications: experimental Mac app from Facebook

Mac-using Facebook fans are going to be happy to learn about Facebook's experimental Desktop Notifications app. Desktop Notifications sits in the menu bar, and pops up notifications (using Growl if you have it) when they occur. It also gives you quick access to your news feed, profile page, and quic...

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Developers invited to test iPhone 3.0 push notifications with Associated Press app

If you're a developer running the iPhone 3.0 beta, you may have gotten a special note in your email today -- and judging by the number of you who let us know about the news, there's plenty of those emails going around. Apple is testing the long-awaited push notification feature of the 3.0 software ...

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iPhone developers will need servers to push

Former TUAW blogger Erica Sadun has a cautionary post for developers regarding the pending push notifications coming to iPhone OS 3.0: better get yourself some reliable servers. The implication, delivered via headline, is that smaller developers won't be able to afford push notification. Indeed, as ...

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iPhone Push Notification API released to select developers

CrunchGear notes that a version of the iPhone Push Notification Service API has been released to "a handful" of developers, and, according to them, will "surely" be released to everyone when iPhone OS 2.1 is released. If you remember our WWDC keynote coverage (around 11:05 a.m.), the Push Notificati...

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Growl 1.1.1 available now

The latest version of Growl, the all-in-one notification app, has been released. 1.1.1 is available for download right now over on the site. New to this version, you'll find speedier notifications, an improved Music Video style (which was one of the main complaints with the last release), improved i...

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Gmail+Growl 2.0

When the Gmail Notifier emerged from its cocoon last August as the Google Notifier, the utility bizarrely introduced its own popup alerts for new messages instead of simply using Growl, which is arguably the standard in Mac OS X notification systems. I don't know how we missed it, but Gmail+Growl s...

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