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What an iPhone impressionist does in his spare time

Check out this funny Vine from Manfred Hanberg that shows him harassing an innocent game player with some serious notification trolling. Though amusing, the best part of this Vine video isn't the prank itself, but the notification impressions, which are spot on. The talented iPhone impressionist s...

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HackingUI presents some intriguing ideas to improve iOS notifications

Notifications in iOS have undeniably come a long ways from the days when they only took the form of intrusive blue modal alerts. Nonetheless, there's always room for improvement as highlighted in a great post from Hacking UI which provides a bevy of design alternatives to Apple's current implementa...

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Dear App Store game developers, knock it off with the useless push notifications

Out of all the gaming device in my house -- and there are dozens -- my iPhone and iPad are the most frequently played simply because they are the easiest to pick up for a few minutes at a time. I -- and I imagine many of you as well -- play games on mobile devices when I'm bored or simply have a f...

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Managing Notification Center annoyances

Reminders is either one of the most useful apps in OS X 10.8 or one of the most annoying, depending on who you talk to. I use Reminders on my iPhone a lot, but not so much on my Mac. Part of the reason is because I assumed that once a Reminder notification popped up on screen my only options we...

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Hack brings all iPhone notifications to Pebble watch

Pebble watch owners have a good reason to jailbreak their iOS device. A new jailbreak app from developer Conrad Kramer lets the smartwatch accept all incoming notifications, not just the ones from native iOS apps, like messages and phone calls. This hack is available to most iPhone owners now tha...

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Apple rejects Mac app update that shows iTunes 11 notifications

An app update has been rejected from the Mac App Store for using Notification Center in a way Apple says is wrong. Listening To is a US$1.99 app by developer Sherief Farouk, and the whole point of the app is to get a notification whenever iTunes plays a new music track. It seems straightforward...

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Google announces iOS Notification Center support for Gmail

Google has announced some good news for prospective Mountain Lion users on its official blog: The company will tie Gmail notifications into Apple's Notification Center, which means you'll be able to know at a moment's notice when you've got emails to read. The integration will support banners, ...

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Notifications, AirPlay, Game Center all coming to the Mac with Mountain Lion

We knew these were coming to the next version of OS X already, but Apple has just demoed all three of them at the WWDC Keynote in San Francisco today. As you might expect, all three of these famous iOS features look pretty much the same on a Mac (especially now that the sweet MacBook Pro with R...

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Indie video portrays the crazy, notification-driven life of an Apple user

Ever get bombarded by messages or miss out on something important because you had your nose in your computer? If you can answer "yes" to either question, then you will likely enjoy Digitals, a short film by Chris Crutchfield that portrays our busy digital life. Crutchfield says this about his video...

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Apple to improve Notification Center with fresh talent

Apple is looking outside its ranks and hiring a college student to help revise its iOS notification system. This isn't any college student. The new hire is Jan-Michael Cart, the whizkid who created a clever mocked up Notification Center redesign and then posted it to YouTube. Cart will join App...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Can I disable those battery alerts?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Maybe I'm the only one this bothers, but Apple made a big deal about their whole new notifications in iOS 5. Then one day I was playing Canabalt, and I'm up to over 15,000! My high score is 17, so my heart really starts beating as I draw in. Suddenly I got a big pop-up on my p...

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iOS 5 features: Custom notification sounds and alerts now available

In January, I called on Apple to allow iOS users to customize the notification sounds on their devices beyond the nearly two dozen built-in sounds offered on the iPhone 4 and iPad. Back then I said, "The iPhone has been on the market for going on four years now, and yet we still haven't been bles...

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Interview: Growl's project lead on coming to the Mac App Store

After the news yesterday that the popular notification service Growl was officially coming to the Mac App Store with the release of OS X Lion, TUAW tracked down Project Lead Christopher Forsythe and had a quick conversation about the reasons behind the decision and the future of Growl in genera...

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Growl coming to the Mac App Store as a full application

Growl is one of my favorite things about the Mac platform -- it's a notification service whose customization and power is unmatched on anything I've seen in other operating systems. And it's going through some changes in the near future: Project Lead Christopher Forsythe has posted on the Growl...

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iOS 5 jailbreak offers third-party Notification Center widgets

Jailbreakers have already cracked iOS 5's Notification Center widgets, according to 9to5Mac. Notification screen widgets are little apps -- or widgets -- that run in the new Notifications Center in iOS 5. iOS 5 will ship with two widgets, stocks and weather. However, as usual, the jailbreak commu...

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