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Google Reader Notifier for Mac OS X

I posted earlier this month of my love for the recently refreshed Google Reader, though for many users it's still missing one key feature: a notification utility for new headlines. Some newsreader apps and services have all sorts of widgets and menubar apps that can notify users of new content in th...

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Google Notifier for Mac released (formerly Gmail Notifier)

The Gmail Notifier is no more - long live Google Notifier! The search giant has updated their official notifier application for Gmail to include alerts for Google Calendar events - hence the name change. I don't know if this has any effect on whether the Gmail + Growl utility still works, but this i...

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Gmail Notifier does message tooltips

This is certainly a minor tip at best, but I thought it was handy enough for a mention: the official Gmail Notifier does message tooltips, as you can see in my screencap. Hold your mouse over a new message in the list and you'll receive a little tooltip containing the first line or two of the messa...

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Gmail Notifier updated, offers opening of Gmail messages

Growl is a utility that, like the drunkenbatman, has become a necessity in my daily work. As far as email is concerned, even though I can't bring myself to ditch Mail.app and Address Book completely due to device synchronization issues, Gmail has certainly found its place in my daily tool-belt as we...

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