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Novell/Apple patent covers digital profile 'clones' to spoof profiling

If you don't want your true identity to be discovered online, one way to stay hidden is to muddle your online profile with tweaked names, different birth dates, made-up preferences and other false information. Some professionals who can't present as themselves in social media contexts (teachers...

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Apple, others withdraw filing for Novell patent purchase

CPTN Holdings LLC, a consortium of companies which include Microsoft, Apple, EMC and Oracle, has withdrawn its filing to purchase 882 patents originally held by Novell. In December, the group submitted a plan to the German government's anti-trust authority notifying them of their plan to purchase th...

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Apple, Microsoft, others acquire Novell patents for $450 million

Software company Novell recently had to reorganize after an acquisition by Attachmate, and as a result, a number of patents held by the company went up the air for grabs. Apple has decided to team with Microsoft, and picked up the patents along with a few other partners for $450 million. It's not q...

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Novell releases Get a Mac spoofs

Apple's Get a Mac ads have inarguably struck a chord with both the advertising and our culture. People clearly either love 'em, hate 'em or wanna spoof 'em, and one only needs to comb our archives or check YouTube to see what we mean. Recently, Novell (yea, the Linux guys) tossed their hand into...

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