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Apple releases a security fix for OS X Network Time Protocol issue

Today Apple release a new security update for OS X's Network Time Protocol service. Apple recommends users with Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion install the update as soon as possible. There is no official word on what exactly the update covers. When you go to Apple's page for more informatio...

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Setting your iPad to the correct time may be harder than you think

Setting a computer to the correct time should be the simplest of tasks. It can easily be done by hitting a time server on the internet. Your home computers do it. Your iPhone gets the current local time from AT&T here in the states. It's a built-in feature of just about every computer OS. For i...

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TUAW Responds: NTP for the iPhone

TUAW reader Gert S. writes "Are you aware of any NTP application that could set the system time on an iPhone or Touch ? I was browsing through the bin directories and no NTP client was found. I sure could use this util, even on the command line, to ensure my clock is running on time." iPhone develo...

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