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Rapoo E9070 Wireless Ultra-Slim Keyboard: Big keys, sleek design, amazing battery life

After seeing a few accessories from Rapoo recently, I'm beginning to take more notice of the company. A few weeks ago we looked at the company's colorful T120P Wireless Touch Mouse, and this week we have a really nice-looking wireless keyboard from the company. While the Rapoo E9070 Wireless Ultra...

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Belkin YourType Wireless Keypad: Review and giveaway

Yesterday I reviewed Belkin's new Express Dock for iPad, a well-designed aluminum charging and sync dock that works with Lightning connector devices. Today, my attention has been captured a useful accessory for any Bluetooth-equipped Mac -- the Belkin YourType Wireless Keypad (US$59.99). As I not...

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Magic Numpad turns your Magic Trackpad into a number pad

So you love your sleek, compact Apple wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad, right? Who doesn't? There's not a wire or cable in sight and you're workspace couldn't be more clutter free, functional and oh so pleasing to the eye. Until, that is, that dreadful day comes when you need to do some ser...

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Add a number keypad to your Apple Wireless Keyboard

Still find yourself reaching for the non-existent number keypad on your Apple Wireless Keyboard? Well, it looks like you may be in luck: Wireless Goodness has uncovered some information about LMP's new 28-key Bluetooth keypad. Running off two AA batteries and made from the same anodized aluminum fi...

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