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O2 announces iPhone 5s pricing plans and they aren't cheap

O2 has officially announced its price plans for the iPhone 5s -- and they aren't pretty. As noted by Cnet, O2 now breaks up its tariffs for all phones sold under the "Refresh" plan, as the iPhone 5s will be. The tariffs are split between the cost of the phone and the airtime plans you purchase wit...

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O2, Vodafone launching 4G in the UK on August 29

Up until now, those with an iPhone 5 or compatible iPad who wanted 4G service in the UK could only get it from one provider: EE. But thankfully that will change at the end of the month, as O2 and Vodafone have announced they will be offering 4G service in the UK come August 29. On O2, 4G will at ...

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iPhone 5 contract prices for UK phone networks published

The US isn't the only country whose residents are up early pre-ordering the iPhone 5 today. Other countries like the UK are also kicking off sales of the next generation iPhone. In the UK, customers have a variety of carriers, several different price points and even multiple retail stores from ...

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Don't want to buy an iPhone 4S? Rent one

It's a wonder that a carrier hasn't tried this before now. UK carrier O2 has launched a pilot program called O2 Lease, which allows rentals of the iPhone 4S. Customers can rent the phone for a year. The plan is £55 per month and includes a 16 GB iPhone, 750 minutes, 500 MB of data, unlimit...

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UK cell operator O2 changes tariffs, offers free tethering

Here in the UK, O2 was Apple's partner operator for several years, and it remains the default choice for a lot of us iPhone users. With the new emphasis on tethering in iOS 4.3 via Personal Hotspot, many of us O2 users (particularly those of us with Wi-Fi iPads) have been clamoring for better tet...

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iPhone 4 shipping times improved

Good news for those wanting to purchase an iPhone the US anyway. Shipping estimates have improved from three weeks to between five and seven business days, according to Apple's US online retail store. Improved shipping estimates usually indicate that Apple is catching up with consumer demand....

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More international iPhone 4 pricing plans released

Now that iPhone 4 pre-orders have begun, international providers are releasing their data plans. First off, the UK's Orange has outlined its pay monthly, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and business plans. The monthly plans offer two options: 24 months and 18 months. The 24 month plan offers 5 price points,...

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Three will carry iPhone 4 in the UK, O2 cuts off unlimited data

While American iPhone users are limited to a single carrier, the UK offers plenty of choice to customers. Three has announced that they will carry iPhone 4, with pre-orders beginning on June 15th. O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone were all confirmed on the 7th. Even poor math students will notice...

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Rogers, O2 tease iPad data plans

On the heels of international shipping delays, carriers from the UK and Canada have released terse confirmation that they will be offering iPad data plans by "...the end of May." Rogers senior director of social media, Keith McArthur, wrote on the company's blog, "Rogers today announced that it w...

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Vodafone sells 100K iPhones in 7 days

Last September, Vodafone announced their intention to sell the iPhone in the UK and Ireland " early 2010." They spent most of 2009 prepping their networks for the traffic that the iPhone would bring. Now they've finally thrown the switch and sold 100,000 iPhones in just seven days. Vodafone ann...

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UK mobile operator O2: iPhone apps are hurting our network

Everyone knows about the struggles US mobile phone company AT&T has had with keeping its network up to speed given the huge bandwidth requirements of the popular iPhone. Well, they're not the only mobile carrier having issues. In the UK, O2 has been having problems with the huge amount of dat...

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O2 network issues hinder iPhone users

iPhone customers using O2 in the UK are three days into connectivity issues, according to Sky News. Many have been seeing the error message, "could not activate cellular data network." It's bound to happen once and a while, but such widespread outages ... and for so long ... have users rather cranky...

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Vodafone UK to start iPhone sales Jan. 14, 2010

Vodafone announced in September that it would start iPhone sales in the UK in early 2010. Two weeks into the new year is pretty early. The BBC says Vodafone will start its UK iPhone sales January 14, 2010. Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence says his company has been prepping its network for the adde...

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UK to get 4th carrier for iPhone

When I visited Liverpool last month, I saw that Tesco was everywhere -- as big box store, as a gas station, in smaller markets, and even Tesco Mobile, a joint venture with O2. So, it's no surprise to me to hear that Tesco is planning to offer the iPhone at its stores in the UK. A spokesperson tol...

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British carrier O2 to unlock out-of-contract iPhones

In an interview with Times Online, Matthew Key, head of O2, shared his company's plans to allow users of out-of-contract iPhones to switch to other providers: "Once the iPhone becomes available on other UK networks, we will allow O2 customers to unlock their iPhones, although of course they will ...

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