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Oakbrook Store Wrap-Up

Long day. We're all tired. But you can't end any great 13-hour-in-line experience without a quick wrap-up gallery, to, you know, give you the feel of actually being there. I didn't have a camera on hand, so Charlie Deets was kind enough to shoot a plethora (+2 vocab points) of photos for me. All in ...

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Well. I'm in line. (Oakbrook Mall)

Alright. I'm here. I'm set. 5 a.m. No wasting time, man, no wasting time. I'm sitting in front of the Apple Store Oakbrook here in Oak Brook, IL., along with sixteen other crazies. The first in line, a nice lady by the name of Jamene Reynolds, got here at 3-freakin-a.m. The rest trickled in a little...

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