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Tag: objective-c

Apple launches blog for new Swift programming language

With the release of iOS 8 getting closer by the day, Apple has started a new blog to answer questions about Swift, the new programming language for iOS and OS X. Swift aims to make writing code more interactive and fun, while keeping apps running fast. The opening topic for the blog addresses Swif...

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DevJuice: Apple's ObjC-JavaScript Bridge

In a new post at his Steamclock Software blog, Nigel Brooke writes how Apple has added new Objective-C-to-Javascript bridging to WebKit: "This new API supports straightforward embedding of the JavaScriptCore interpreter into native Objective-C projects, including reading and writing variables a...

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DevJuice: PaintCode offers new Photoshop import IAP

See the bunny in the screenshot to the right? It started life as a Photoshop shape. As you see it there in the simulator, it's now a UIBezierPath. It got there courtesy of PaintCode. I first reviewed PaintCode last year. It offers a high-end resolution-independent design tool for transforming ve...

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DevJuice: Stanford iTunes U course on iOS dev launches free textbook

If you're a fan of the highly popular Stanford iTunes U course on iOS development (CS193P), you'll be happy to learn that an official companion text is now available on iBooks. iPad and iPhone App Development covers the latest release of Xcode and the newest Objective C enhancements. Approximate...

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Makers of PaintCode open CodeAutomat service, for turning SVGs into code

I'm currently working on developing an iOS app in conjunction with a graphic designer, and because my design skills are pretty terrible, we set out to look for a solution to turn the scalable vector graphics (SVGs) he's designed into Objective-C code snippets I can insert directly in the app. T...

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Facebook speaks out on the big app rebuild

We posted about the Facebook app update the other day, and if you haven't updated your app yet, you really should. The app is a prime example of why native development is almost always better than trying to do things with cross-platform web connections, and why it's so important, even for an on...

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SSDs kick up performance for developers and users alike

I'm a developer. One of the things we devs do to pass the time is complain about how long it takes to compile and brag about the power of our development systems. Hot-rodding your system isn't just limited to development, though. There are lots of people out there who sit and wait as their syst...

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Objective-C rocketing up the TIOBE charts

The TIOBE index is a chart of what have been rated as the most popular programming languages in the world, according to various searches online, the number of experts in those languages, and even software output (though it is very certainly not a strict chart of "most lines written"). Obviously...

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Apple posts free developer documentation for iBooks users

If your resolutions for 2011 include teaching yourself to be a Mac or iOS developer, then Apple just gave you a very nice Christmas present. According to a tip from our old friend Nik Fletcher at Realmac Software, Apple has recently put a number of Apple Developer Publications books into the iBookst...

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TUAW at Big Nerd Ranch: Aaron Hillegass

More coverage of TUAW's inside look at developer boot camp. See below for notes & disclaimer. On my last day at Big Nerd Ranch, I got a chance to sit down with with the biggest nerd at the ranch, Aaron Hillegass, and talk about nerds, NextStep, the iPad and more. Aaron has a unique vantage point...

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TUAW at Big Nerd Ranch: now taking (app) requests!

More coverage of TUAW's inside look at developer boot camp. See below for notes & disclaimer. It's Wednesday at Big Nerd Ranch. I'll get to meet a few of the personalities behind the ranch today, as well as meet up with some blogger friends from Atlanta. Victor is even going to stop by ... it's ...

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TUAW at Big Nerd Ranch: cabin tour

More coverage of TUAW's inside look at developer boot camp. See below for notes & disclaimer. This is a quick video I shot on Sunday. It's a quick tour of my cabin, just to show you what the lodging and amenities at the Big Nerd Ranch look like. Participants don't spend a lot of time in their ro...

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TUAW at Big Nerd Ranch: meet Joe Conway

More coverage of TUAW's inside look at developer boot camp. See below for notes & disclaimer. It's Tuesday at Big Nerd Ranch, and we're deep into writing simple apps for our iPhones. Once Mark Fenoglio had finished teaching us some fundamentals of C and Objective-C, Joe Conway took over as instr...

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TUAW at Big Nerd Ranch: Mark Fenoglio

More coverage of TUAW's inside look at developer boot camp. See below for notes & disclaimer. I'm on my second day at Big Nerd Ranch, settling in and getting some blogging done between 3-hour lectures on Objective-C fundamentals. I sat down with our first instructor, Mark Fenoglio, last night to...

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Cycript: Blending Objective-C and JavaScript

Cycrypt is a new project that blends Objective-C and JavaScript to make it easier to implement aspects of both together. It's going to be great for using elements that JavaScript offers when programming with Objective-C. It's similar to JSCocoa, but it's been designed to offer a more complete set o...

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