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Verizon CEO: We want the iPhone

Almost since the day it was revealed to the public, American customers have been clamoring for the iPhone to be made available on Verizon's network. Many potential iPhone buyers have cited their distaste for AT&T as their primary reason for not jumping on the iPhone train, and the chant has been...

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Get 50% off iPhone in Action until April 30

Some time ago I reviewed iPhone in Action from Manning. While there are other "starter" books out there, if you know how to code and you want to get up-to-speed on everything from web apps to the SDK, this book is a great primer. Of course, the pending 3.0 update to the iPhone's OS will add many new...

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Free Disco for your friends!

But... only if you took advantage of yesterday's macZOT offer! I see as of this morning Disco is still available for $14.95, so maybe the freebie is still valid. Apparently when you register, the surprize (sic) is revealed: another license to give away to a friend. That's a brilliant way to spread t...

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Could new Intel-based Xserves tip the IT scales for Apple?

Apple, of course, boasted how fantastic of a deal they're offering on stage with these new Xserves, but it's always prudent to hear it from the actual community these products are targeted at. Fortunately, reader Jonathan Fingas pointed us towards just such an article from IT Jungle that analyzes t...

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