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Baldur's Gate coming to iPad

An enhanced edition of Baldur's Gate was announced this month by developers Overhaul Games (which includes a few devs from Bioware that worked on the title originally), and now there's even better news: That enhanced version is also making its way to the iPad. The game will be out on Apple's ta...

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Daily iPhone App: Dragon Fantasy

Dragon Fantasy is basically a love letter to the early age of console RPGs, when Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy ruled the land. It's got classic 8-bit tile-based graphics, random encounters, silly villains and a nice chunk of content to explore and level up through. There's a nice, original s...

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The original Apple TV, the interactive television box

Even some old-schoolers might not know this, but Apple's more recent foray into the living room with the Apple TV wasn't the first time it has attempted that jump. You've probably heard of the home console Pippin, but Apple also spent part of the '90s working on an interactive television box, a...

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TUAW's Daily App: Dungeons & Such

Dungeons & Such is exactly what it sounds like. It's a very nostalgic homemade RPG game for iOS that will have you looking back fondly on the days of Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy on the NES. Sure, by modern standards, the graphics are a little lame -- this definitely isn't Infinity Blad...

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A bit of [Big] Apple history: visiting Tekserve

It may have lost a bit of luster compared to the chrome, glass and steel of Apple's nearby retail stores (one within easy walking distance, in fact), but there's no denying the draw of New York City's original Apple emporium, the delightfully idiosyncratic Tekserve. Featured on an episode of Sex an...

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GLTerminal for OS X

I'm a Mac girl who spends most of her time hanging in the terminal, so you may say old school stuff makes me happy. If that's the case, then I'm jumping for joy at the extra old-schoolness of this GLTerminal port for OSX. As if my use of terminal-based chat centericq weren't enough, I have put a sc...

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