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Win an Ollie, Sphero 2.0 or Darkside Ollie from TUAW and Orbotix

Sphero and Ollie from Orbotix have been TUAW favorites for quite a while -- I mean, how can you not love fun and educational robots that are controlled and programmed from your favorite iOS device? Well, the good folks at Orbotix are making it easy for three lucky readers to pick up one of their...

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Sitting for a portrait with FaceTime on iPhone 4

So, you're tired of your Twitter avatar, the photo of your face that you took in Photo Booth. Maybe a nice portrait would be in order... David Lanham, who is probably best known for his work with Iconfactory (he designed Ollie, the Twitteriffic bluebird), is an accomplished artist whose body of ...

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Check-in from an Apple Store on Gowalla, get entered to win an Ollie

Iconfactory have a long history of lovely Mac things, including the spectacular Twitterrific iPhone app. When they created Twitterrific, they gave it an adorable icon of a little blue birdie. His name is Ollie. His popularity is always increasing. Of course, he is super cute, which helps. So super c...

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Holiday giveaways: Ollie the Twitterrific bird

Yes, it's that time of year when we empty out the TUAW swag vaults and pass the savings on. Our candidate today: He's avian, he's blue, and he might be coming to you.... Yes, it's the icon come to life who chirps his way into your heart, Ollie the Twitterrific bird. The Iconfactory's chatty quasi...

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