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Cut the Rope 2 is a lovable adventure with an interesting take on in-app purchases

Cut the Rope has spawned a massive empire of physics-centered mobile gameplay. From the first game's staggering 400 million downloads to the myriad spinoffs dropping candy into Om Nom's mouth, this game is big business. Now Om Nom is back -- exclusively for iOS -- in the series' first official seque...

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Daily iPhone App: Cut the Rope: Time Travel sends Om Nom through the centuries

Cut the Rope is one of the most-downloaded apps on the App Store, and its developers, ZeptoLab, have made quite a character out of its lead, Om Nom. The series' latest incarnation is called Cut The Rope: Time Travel, and it's available on the App Store (in both iPhone and HD versions) right now...

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Cut the Rope comes to life in new web series

It seems the cuteness of ZeptoLab's charming iOS puzzle game Cut the Rope can't be contained by the small screens of iPhones and iPads. The developer has debuted a web series starring the game's lovable protagonist, Om Nom, that combines live action footage with traditional animation. Calle...

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Cut the Rope: Experiments brings some new twists to the popular property

Besides Doodle Jump, if there's one game I could never get sick of playing on my iPhone, it's Cut the Rope. In the game, you use your finger to "cut" ropes that release candy that (hopefully) end up in a green little creature's big mouth. Other fans of Cut the Rope will be pleased to learn that...

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TUAW's Daily App: Cut the Rope

At every one of these gaming shows (it's GDC Online this week, which I'm at for TUAW), there's usually a "game of the show" that emerges. It's something, either on the show floor or demoing behind closed doors, that everyone starts to talk about. The buzz starts at parties and in the hallways, and ...

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