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Zynga closes OMGPOP, the creators of Draw Something

Zynga announced yesterday that it was laying off about 18 percent of its work staff, or about 520 employees, which is bad news for any company. But it turns out that this set of folks includes most of the crew of OMGPOP, the company Zynga acquired for its uber-popular app Draw Something last yea...

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Draw Something 2 available with new words, drawing tools

Zynga's Draw Something, the incredibly popular drawing game for iPhone, now has a follow-up: Draw Something 2. It's available now on the US App Store as an ad-supported free download or premium, ad-free version at US$1.99. It was just in February that Zynga VP and General Manager, Dan Porter, sa...

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Zynga-owned Draw Something finally gets update for sharing, undo

Most of our stories about Draw Something since the game's launch have been business related. After it garnered tens of millions of users in its first few weeks, the company that makes the game, OMGPOP, was bought by Zynga for a whopping $200 million. But here's finally something to show after a...

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The one OMGPOP employee who turned down Zynga

When Zynga announced that it bought OMGPOP, the developer of the newly minted hit Draw Something, a lot of people shared some frustration. Zynga has earned a reputation as a less-than-popular developer out there, and the fear is that Draw Something, which currently has a relatively simple charm...

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Creative drawings from Draw Something

Buzzfeed member Sandanito posted up several creative drawings from the hit app Draw Something. You can see a sample drawing in the image above and head over to Buzzfeed to see the rest. And if you haven't tried Draw Something, it's available for free from the iOS App Store (99-cents will get yo...

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Zynga acquires Draw Something dev OMGPOP for $200 million

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how App Store fortunes are made. We've posted already about the almost overnight success of Draw Something, an app that has picked up over 30 million downloads and even beaten Zynga at its own game on Facebook. And because everyone knows that Zynga has plenty ...

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Daily iPhone App: Draw Something

We've already posted about Draw Something a few times for business reasons -- the title is just blowing up the App Store, and has already overtaken all of Zynga's titles as the most popular social game app on Apple's platform. But the game, available now, is definitely worth a try as well. I've...

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Draw Something hits 30 million downloads, overtakes Zynga on Facebook

The iOS phenomenon Draw Something has continued to blow up on an unprecedented level, and it's now reached another crazy milestone: The app has garnered 30 million downloads already, despite only being available to the public for about five weeks. And that's not all: Facebook says the app has p...

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Draw Something hits 20 million downloads in just five weeks

Being a blogger in the Apple ecosystem, I'm used to seeing numbers that are completely staggering -- the number of iPads sold during an introductory weekend, for example. But when an iPhone app is able to pull in a huge number of downloads in a very short timeframe, I really pay attention. That's t...

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