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How to: Capturing iPad video with audio narration

Recently, Mike Rose asked me to check out an ongoing discussion over at the Telestream forums to see if I could assist one of the posters. Mike knew that Steve Sande and I were working on testing out a variety of iPad-to-computer screen capture solutions. He thought I might be able to help out ...

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OmniGroup makes several apps freeware

OmniGroup has announced that they have decided to release several of their previously shareware applications as freeware. These are: OmniWeb, one of the first Mac web browsers with roots going back beyond even OS X; OmniDazzle, a fun screen effects application, potentially useful for presentations a...

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The Mac Observer reviews OmniDazzle

If you've gotten over the initial reactions to OmniDazzle and are considering actually using it, you might find Jeff Gamet's review at The Mac Observer useful. OmniDazzle, as you may recall, is a presentation tool that highlights your mouse cursor in a variety of mesmerizing ways, making it easy for...

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TUAW interviews Tim Wood, project lead of OmniDazzle

The program everyone seems to love to poke fun at has come out of beta. Version 1.0 changes the default positioning of the window, and not much else. OmniDazzle is available as a free demo. Licenses go for $14.95. I had a chance to sit down with Tim Wood, project lead for OmniDazzle. ...

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Omni Group introduces OmniDazzle - "mesmerizing mouse movements"

After weeks of ambiguous hints and torturous teasing, The Omni Group has unveiled their newest product, and it definitely isn't a Sweedish meatball maker. Introducing: OmniDazzle, a "set of fun and useful enhancements that help you track the location of your mouse pointer and provide options for hig...

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