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Time Warner Cable's iOS app updated with on-demand video

Time Warner Cable subscribers now have access to on-demand programming on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch thanks to a major update to the company's official iOS app. Now available on the App Store, version 3.0 of TWC TV also supports the iPhone 5's full display and is said to be faster and more sta...

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Cablevision brings live TV streaming to iPhone and iPod touch

Cablevision has released the Optimum app for iPhone and iPod touch. The app allows Cablevision subscribers to stream live TV to an iPhones or iPod touch while in their home. What's cooler than streaming live TV is that the app even lets you watch your On Demand movies and shows on your iPod tou...

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Five reasons why Apple TV matters

Steve Jobs admitted it. Apple TV is a hobby. He has stated so more than once. But there are compelling reasons to believe that the newly released Apple TV Mark 2 matters even more than its expected sales (currently estimated at about a million devices per quarter) might indicate. Here are some o...

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Blockbuster to bring content to Apple

On a January day in 1981, my sisters and I experienced unbridled glee when our father came home with a shiny new VCR. Imagine: Movies. In our own house. Whenever we wanted. What a world! It was an enormous, top-loading hunk of metal and plastic that I'm sure is currently at the bottom of a Pennsylva...

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Netflix talks 'Instant Viewing' for Mac

There are a few companies who, through their products and services, have earned a special place in my heart. Apple is one (obviously), as well as Amazon, New Balance, Nintendo, and Netflix. Netflix, in case you haven't heard of them, makes money via a subscription model. You pay a monthly fee and th...

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UK residents petition BBC to make new on-demand TV service cross-platform

This one goes out to all the UK TUAW readers in the audience: apparently, the BBC is planning to launch a smashing new on-demand, online TV service. Everything sounds super-duper until the minor detail of being Windows-only. This of course ruffles more than a few feathers, especially since the BBC p...

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