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Flick Knights is flicktastic fun

Flick Knights is a turn-based strategy game where you play against others online or in local play. The goal of Flick Knights is to flick your characters into the opposing team's characters to cause enough damage to flick them out of the arena and clear a path to their target button which you can f...

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eBay's Valet app will sell your junk for a 30% cut

That dusty old iPod on your nightstand hasn't been used in ages, but it's still probably worth some cash. But who can take the time to manage an eBay listing? Taking photos, answering any questions that pop up, and then shipping the loot to your buyer can be a stressful experience (not really, but...

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Feedly RSS reader launches cloud service

Feedly is a service that's risen in popularity recently for the most part because the much-loved RSS service Google Reader is coming to close on July 1, but the company is definitely doing its best to make a space for itself as something more than just an alternative. Today, Feedly released the ...

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Daily iPhone App: Bookworm Heroes takes Popcap's wordfinding classic social

The big deal with Popcap's latest big entry into the App Store, Bookworm Heroes, is that it's social. It's a version of the company's popular wordfinding game given a social twist, so that you can play against your friends, neighbors, or just random people online. But here's the thing I most do...

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Apple highlights Black Friday shopping sale

Black Friday is right around the corner and Apple is starting to promote its Black Friday shopping event. The company's online promotional pricing starts November 23, 2012 at 12:01 AM and extends to 11:59 PM PST. Similar pricing will be available in retail stores during extended holiday shoppin...

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iPhone 5 ship times improve to 2 weeks

Apple's supply of the iPhone 5 is slowly starting to catch up with demand. Shortly after the iPhone 5 debuted, ship times for the device slipped to three to four weeks. This number recently improved to two to three weeks, and now the handset is available within two weeks. According to iPhoneinC...

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FreshBooks small business accounting service launches an iPhone app

Popular online accounting service FreshBooks released a new iPhone app that'll let users keep track of their small business expenses while on the go. The new app syncs to your online FreshBooks account and lets you manage many aspects of your small business right on your phone. Just like the ...

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Daily iPad App: Gasketball horses around on iOS

Gasketball is the latest title from Greg Wohlwend and Mike Boxleiter, better known as Mikengreg. They had a hit on Flash and iOS previously with the great Solipskier, and Greg helped another programmer out quite a bit on a big release called Puzzlejuice. Just like both of those games, Gasketb...

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Apple employs reservation system in China ahead of iPad launch

China hasn't had the best of luck with new iDevice launches. The devices are so popular in that part of the world, and the black market over there is so hungry for goods, that Apple often has issues with legitimate customers trying to get devices. Sometimes fights or vandalism break out when th...

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Where have all the refurbs gone? Apple's online cupboard is bare (Updated)

Update 7/15: Refurbs are back in stock! Was there a run on last year's MacBook Pro models? A surge of orders for the factory certified, previously owned iPod nano? The reasons may be mysterious, but the symptom is oddly clear: everything -- yes, everything -- is out of stock in Apple's refurb...

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iPad online shipping times drop to one week

Apple's inventory of the new iPad is holding up well, especially in the US. Unlike the iPad 2 which faced shortages when it launched, the new iPad is readily available. Most US retail stores have at least one model of the iPad in stock and the online store is steadily improving shipment times. ...

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Apple may revamp online store, starting with edu version

Apple may be overhauling its online storefront, starting with its site for education institutions, says a report from AppleInsider. Shoppers visiting Apple's online store for K-12 schools are supposedly alerted about the "new Apple Store" and told that "the transition to the new store will be eas...

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Shipment date for all iPad pre-orders slips to March 19

If you've been waiting to pre-order the new iPad, you may have just missed the window to grab one that'll arrive on the March 16 launch date. As of the writing of this post, all iPad pre-orders will arrive on your doorstep on Monday, March 19 (or later). That's only a few days after the Friday lau...

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2011 boasts record holiday season for online shopping, especially from mobile devices

2011 has only just ended, but I have a sneaking suspicion that even when we look back on it in another 12 months from now, we'll find a pretty revolutionary year in terms of the quality and quantity of our shopping. For example, UI expert and project leader Luke Wroblewski has compiled a list o...

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Online shopping gets iPad surge on Christmas Day, iOS dominates in December

There's no rest for the weary in retail this year, but at least on Christmas Day most of the shopping frenzy was online and not in line. IBM's Smarter Commerce unit, which tracks 500 online stores (but not Amazon, the largest, and probably not Apple's store either) told the AP that Christmas Day o...

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