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Dear Apple, please let us delete whole albums from our iPhones again

I listen to a lot of music on my iPhone -- probably too much music, if the hearing loss in my right ear is any indication. For years it was a delight. The sound quality was great and I didn't have to carry an iPod everywhere. Being forced to deal with iTunes if you don't enjoy syncing records was...

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16 GB of storage is unacceptable in 2014

Editor's Note: Sometimes our debates in the TUAW newsroom get a bit heated. That was the case when Erica Sadun and Mike Wehner faced off about the merits -- or lack thereof -- of 16 GB devices. Hopefully you just finished reading Erica's post, which took the pro side of Apple continuing to sell ...

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16 GB of storage is just enough

Editor's Note: Sometimes our debates in the TUAW newsroom get a bit heated. That was the case when Erica Sadun and Mike Wehner faced off about the merits -- or lack thereof -- of 16 GB devices. We decided that the best way to resolve the debate was to let them each write a post. Here's Erica's ent...

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CNBC publishes abysmal list of "things Apple needs to do right now"

Apple naysayers are a dime a dozen these days, and you don't have to dig very far on any business or general tech website to find someone who thinks Cupertino is akin to a barn on fire. So when I say I was actually shocked at how ridiculous CNBC's recent "Three things Apple needs to do right now" ...

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Why AT&T should stop whining about carrier subsidies

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson explained last week that carriers can't afford to continue paying huge subsidies to smartphone manufacturers like Apple. When you're growing the business initially you have to do aggressive device subsidies to get people on the network. But as you approach 90 percen...

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Reality Absorption Field: iPads in notebook's clothing

Apple's latest incarnation of the iPad turned out to be a distillation and refinement of what has defined the product. The Apple offering ships free of any keyboard connectors or covers in contrast to the Surface 2 and Nokia 2520 that vied for headlines with the iPad Air's introduction. With so m...

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Reality Absorption Field: The Crusaders

Is technology made to serve consumers, companies or causes? When Apple introduced the Macintosh, it famously invoked Orwell's vision of 1984 to promote how its little beige box would stand in the way of IBM's hegemony. In the coming years and for reasons that had little to do with the Mac, IBM wou...

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Reality Absorption Field: Why Microsoft was no Google

In the height of the PC era, competition between Apple and Microsoft was of a vertically integrated creator of hardware and operating systems versus that of a dominant licensed operating system. In the smartphone era, Apple has expanded its degree of integration to include chip design, core apps, ...

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On the eve of WWDC: What are Apple's three greatest innovations?

An awful lot has been written recently about whether Apple is has lost its spark. "Does Apple have an innovation problem?" asks the Washington Post. Forbes claims to lay out "Apple's innovation problem", although that piece is so muddled and lacking in specific details I came away more confused th...

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Making money in a crowded App Store: it's dog eat dog and Spy vs Spy

On the 25th of July, a shiny iOS remake of the 8-bit classic Spy vs Spy launched on the App Store for $1.99. The next day, the price dropped to $0.99 in a launch sale. On the 30th, it went up briefly, then developer Robots and Pencils announced that "to show our appreciation, we are extending t...

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One-bit Internet: The iPad is/isn't a content creation device

In the conclusion to my Retina MacBook repairability post, I wrote: "on the Internet, it often seems that everything must be compressed to a one-bit image: black or white, triumph or catastrophe, the very best or the absolute worst." So it goes for the eternal debate over whether the iPad is a ...

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iOS 6: On partners and partings, sources and sinks, and the dreaded word "open" [Updated]

At yesterday's keynote to the 2012 WWDC conference, Apple made a number of simultaneous moves in its global chess game with partners and rivals. Let's try and unpack what we can of Apple's overall strategy by analyzing the tactical choices it has made. The biggest loser from yesterday's announc...

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This is not our review of the new iPad

There are lots of reviews of the new iPad. Lots and lots. My review? In deeply abbreviated form, here it is: The screen is amazing. You must see it before you make up your mind. It's pretty much every superlative people have thrown at it, aside from the glare and brightness all of these su...

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Sensor-rich computing: the quiet revolution that started in your pocket

Suppose you're at at your desk with a MacBook and an iPhone. You want to check cinema screening times at your local multiplex and the weather forecast so you'll know if you'll need a jacket or not. Which device do you reach for? If you choose the MacBook, you'll need to go to a cinema listing...

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Docks, transformers, computing cores and taking it all with you

Back in the mists of history -- probably the late '90s or early '00s -- I remember reading a blog post. I'm afraid I have been unable to find it again, so you'll have to take my reminiscing on faith (but please leave a comment if you know what I'm talking about). This post dissected and analyze...

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