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Tag: open-source

TUAW's Daily Mac App: HandBrake

Open-source software is a beautiful thing. It's free, community driven, and more often than not, incredibly useful. HandBrake, one of the best video converters around, is a classic example of great open-source software. The Swiss army knife of video converters and a perennial TUAW favorite, H...

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TUAW's Daily App: Plex

Plex's big tease last week turned out to not be an Apple acquisition, but instead a big release, of both a rewritten Mac client to keep all of your media together in one place, and also a brand new iOS app, available now on the App Store for $4.99. Sure, the app's a little pricey, but if you use th...

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ASUS wants to be "another Apple"

ASUS chairman Jonney Shih has successfully guided his company through the spinoff of their manufacturing arm Pegatron (whom Apple is already ready to do business with), and in the process stated that he wants the computer maker to become "another Apple," but one based on open-source platforms like G...

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Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate now available

Mozilla has dropped a Firefox 3.6 release candidate which you can download and install it now if you want to try the browser's latest and greatest. It's a big, significant update, including many bug fixes, built-in Persona support, fullscreen for open native video, and an improved automatic form ...

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Time-lapse tips for your Mac and iPhone

I've been messing around with more video lately, and considering doing some time-lapse work, so this post over at Macworld came at the exact right time for me. Heather Kelly walks you through some options, from expensive to free and complicated to simple, for creating time-lapse pictures and video...

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Chrome for Mac due in December?

I sure thought Google Chrome was already out for Mac, but apparently that was just a developer preview -- they haven't yet done an official release (it's been a tough road to travel, I guess). But the wait is almost over, according to Mashable. They've spotted a message on a developer list that h...

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Cocotron lets you develop in Cocoa for Windows, with a little extra work

It kind of sounds like a developer's dream: create an app in Cocoa that automatically works on Windows, too. But that's what Cocotron promises, and the folks at Ecamm say the dream is there, even if it requires a lot of elbow grease. They tried using Cocotron to port an app called FileMagnet, and ...

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Open-source multi-touch: Touché

Dust off that FTIR table you've got down in the basement and fire up your internets to play with Touché, an open-source multi-touch tracking environment for Leopard. You too can have a giant iPhone-like interface in your own den. That's right, no more calling up Perceptive Pixel with (emotion...

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Darwine 1.0

Firefox 3 was a pretty historic release this week, but I'd say that Wine 1.0 might actually beat it -- the open source non-emulator (Wine, after all, Is Not an Emulator) for Windows finally reached their first stable release. And Darwine, the OS X-rated version of Wine, also got a shiny 1.0 designat...

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XBMC being ported to Leopard

Xbox Media Center (or XBMC) is an open source media program designed to run on an original Microsoft Xbox game console-- for an open source app designed on a "hostile" platform, it's actually got one of the better media center interfaces around (and it's easy to plug into-- you can even use your iPh...

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Pagepacker open sourced

Aaron Hillegass, owner of the Big Nerd Ranch (and the suavest-looking Mac developer in a cowboy hat), has announced that he's releasing the source of his app Pagepacker to the public. Pagepacker, as reported on TUAW a while back, takes big pages and makes them small-- it's perfect for creating thi...

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Smudge photos with Seashore

If you're looking for a quick and dirty way to smudge sensitive information in photos before putting them online then give Seashore a whirl. We've written about this neat little open source Mac-only app before and think it's great for basic image editing and touch-ups. To smudge parts of a phot...

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OpenOffice coming to the Mac natively

Our Weblogs, Inc. buddies at Download Squad bring us this news: OpenOffice is going to be able to run natively on the Mac in 2008. The OpenOffice suite is getting pretty impressive-- while Writer, Impress, and Calc might not be necessary when you have Pages, Keynote, and Numbers around, OpenOffice's...

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