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System Preference changes, new Preview toolbar in latest Leopard build

The latest Leopard build has dropped, and screenshots, legal or otherwise, are making their way out into the world. Over the weekend, we posted what looks like the opening movie, and here's a shot of Leopard's System Preferences screen. There are a few changes in there-- the Dashboard and Expos&eacu...

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Save the Open Apple key (or should we?)

Thomas from the German site Rettet die sent us this English version of his petition to save the Open Apple key-- that little Apple icon on the Command key that's missing from the new Apple Keyboards. Already, he's received 1600 German comments in favor of keeping the Apple key, and he asked us to br...

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Sticking with the Apple Remote

On that unboxing video we posted the other day (sorry about the ads-- point taken), it was noted that the Apple Remote no longer stuck to the side of the new iMac. Reader Sal emailed me this morning to point out that not only did his Remote not stick either, but apparently he rang up Apple, and the ...

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Open Apple no more

When we first wrote about the then rumored new Apple keyboard old time Mac users discounted it as a fake because of one little detail: no Open Apple on the Command key. That's the Apple logo that which, until today, appeared on the Command key. Sadly, it is true that the Apple logo has been banishe...

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