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OpenGL 4.0 announced during GDC

Today, the Khronos Group announced the launch of OpenGL 4.0, the cross-platform 3D & graphics API. OpenGL was most recently at version 3.2. Updated specifications are available at the opengl.org site. Game and 3D developers are presumably salivating. Mac OS X includes OpenGL, and the iPhone r...

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Mac OS X 10.6.3 out to devs

The third major update to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is getting closer to appearing in Software Update. A new beta of Mac OS X 10.6.3 (build 10D538) was released to a limited number of Apple developers last Friday. The Friday beta includes an update to QuickTime X that enhances reliability, secur...

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Hints found of OpenGL 3.0 support in 10.6.3

News is bouncing around today that the current test version of Mac OS X 10.6.3 has OpenGL 3.0 installed in it, and while it's not completely working yet, developers are hopeful that this means Apple is pushing to have full OpenGL 3.0 support in place as soon as possible. What does that mean for us ...

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Rumor: The iPhone's next GPU

The Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU, of any modern computing device is an important piece of hardware that offloads 3D graphics rendering from the main processor. At CES 2010 last week, chip manufacturer Imagination Technologies may have spilled the beans on the GPU for the next generation of iPhon...

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MyReef 3D Aquarium puts a realistic aquarium in your pocket

I've always thought aquariums as screensavers were a no-brainer. Most are lacking, limiting themselves to small fish you'd find in just about any aquarium, freshwater or salt water. MyReef 3D Aquarium [iTunes Link] isn't going to shake up the genre, but it is certainly the most realistic, smoothest ...

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WebKit going 3D with WebGL

There will be a day in the not-too-distant future when playing 3D games in your browser -- without extra plugins like Flash or Unity -- will be a reality. The WebGL project, which has quickly made the blogging rounds this morning, combines aspects of HTML 5, JavaScript, and the OpenGL 3D draw...

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Xray your code with new dev tool

A few tipsters have dropped us notes (thanks!) that on Apple's Developer Tools page, there's a new tool. Along with Xcode and Dashcode, there's a new, very pretty app called Xray. The flavor text itself says the app takes "interface cues from timeline editors such as GarageBand," so what we're loo...

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10.4.7 v. 2 for Intel

AppleInsider brings news that Apple will soon release an updated version of the 10.4.7 software update for Intel machines. According to the company, certain files pertaining to OpenGL performance are missing from the 10.4.6 to 10.4.7 updater package; all other packages including combo updates shippe...

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Hills screensaver updated

Back in April, we wrote about the "Hills" screensaver by Chris Kent. A number of you told us how much you liked it, so today we're pointing out that version 1.1.2 is available. For the unfamiliar, Hills is a screensaver for Mac OS X that lets you glide over rolling, grassy hills on a sunny day. Chan...

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Free screensaver: Hills

You may not have noticed, but our posts here at TUAW have had a bit of a theme over the past 24 hours. If you've reached "Boot Camp saturation," then drift away with the "Hills" screensaver. Glide over rolling, grassy hills on a sunny day, and just relax. You can choose from phot...

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Eyephedrine iTunes visualizer

So the built in iTunes visualizer just isn't doing anything for you? Check out Eyephedrine, the visualizer plug-in that makes use of OpenGL 3D. Enjoy the multiple layers blending, realtime cube mapping, reflections, motion blur and light bloom fun across more than 70 visualizations. It al...

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