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Apple will re-open expanded Texas Apple Store

We just mentioned yesterday that Apple was going to be revamping a few of its stores here inside the United States, and here's another one. The Apple Store in Barton Creek near Austin, Texas is set for a re-opening this weekend, after closing last year. The new store has taken over a place form...

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Houston Apple Store launch pushed back, maybe for new iPad

The Houston Chronicle reports that Apple's latest retail store in that city is now set to open on March 16, and that date has led to some speculation about Apple's timing on the iPad release. Originally, the Houston store was set to open up in January of this year, but that launch got delayed. The...

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Wall coverings appear at forthcoming Amsterdam Apple Store

Apple is prepping a new retail store in Amsterdam, and MacRumors has collected pictures of the orange and white window coverings that have shown up at the location. They're pretty unique and striking, with the bright orange modern look really standing out in the colder, more traditional buildings ...

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Apple Store may be coming to Masonville Mall in London, Ontario

Attention, Masonville Mall in London, Ontario: You may be getting an Apple Store next year. A local radio station reports that the Eddie Bauer store in that location is closing soon due to bankruptcy, and city records say that the relevant authorities are checking out a $3 million project for t...

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Apple Store Hamburg nears opening day

I didn't get a chance to swing by the site of the upcoming Jungfernsteig Apple Store when I was in Hamburg this week, but the guys at case manufacturer Alkr did (no surprise, it's their home town). The store is featuring giant red window panels and is said to be getting close to readiness for i...

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University of Delaware campus will host an Apple Store of some kind

The University of Delaware has announced that it will allow the opening of an Apple Store on campus this fall. It's unknown yet what kind of store this will be -- whether it will be a full Apple Store, a mini-store or some kind of university-branded reseller, but whatever the site, the location...

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Quebec City Apple Store opening this weekend at Place Ste. Foy

Another weekend, another brand new Apple Store opening! This time, it's Canada's Quebec City store, which was announced quite a while ago, but is only now cutting the red ribbon (we're kidding -- they don't actually cut ribbons at these things, but they do give away a lot of t-shirts). The picture ...

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New Apple Store opening in the St. Louis Galleria this weekend

This weekend Apple will open up its 305th retail store in the St. Louis Galleria mall, right there at Brentwood and 40-64 (which I heard finally finished construction recently). Saturday is day one, and the store should be open at 9am, so if you want to be around for the festivities (including the ...

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Found Footage: Apple Store Covent Garden opening in iPhone 4 HD

The Apple Store Covent Garden opened in London this weekend to great crowds and fanfare, and of course we've been inundated with photos, video, and personal stories about the opening. We'd love to thank all of you for your input, as we all love Apple Store openings as much as anyone! Mike Hell...

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New Apple Store coming to London's Covent Garden

Shanghai and Paris just got new Apple stores, and now it's London's turn. A red curtain in London's Covent Garden district shows the latest location for an Apple Retail store -- rumor has it that the store will open as soon as the end of this month, and will likely be a popular destination in the t...

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Men in kilts: video from the Aberdeen, Scotland Apple Store opening

TUAW fan George sent us a link to some video he shot earlier today at the grand opening of the Apple Store Union Square in Aberdeen, Scotland. The video is fun; not only is there the usual high-fiving and applause as customers enter the new store, but one of the Apple employees is wearing a kil...

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Manhasset Long Island Apple store opens

It was freezing this morning as the Manhasset Long Island, NY Apple store opened for business. Employees wearing T-Shirts (they weren't allowed to wear coats), ran up and down the waiting line of hundreds of people both pumping up the crowd and trying to stay warm. The enthusiasm was contagious ...

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Apple Stores finally arrving in Paris

It's been a long wait, but Apple has finally announced their intent to open the first Apple Store in France, which will be located in Paris. In their conference call yesterday, they discussed the opening of new Apple Stores, including the opening of a store in Paris by the end of the year. Meanwhil...

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$1.7 million for Greensboro Apple Store

I'm not exactly sure why there's so much excitement centered around the upcoming Greensboro Apple Store (my guess is it's because our friend Ged of the Iconfactory can't wait for it to open), but the excitement is there, and Ed Cone has some insight into how the store's deal got put together. Appa...

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Fort Worth University Park Village Apple Store almost there

The picture above is not the actual Fort Worth University Park Apple Store, but we presume it'll look something like this when it opens later this month. Our Twitter buddy Jamie Phelps says that "the innards are finished" and the store should be open within the next week or so. If you were on our...

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