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It's way too easy to fake a photo of a "new" iPhone

There have been a whole lot of supposedly leaked photos of the mythical 4.7-inch iPhone 6 lately -- or at least bits and pieces of it. A production mold pops up here and a front panel shows up there, and the Internet eats it up because, hey, it's photographic evidence, right? The already grainy...

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This iPhone 6 rumor is a special kind of stupid

Apple rumors usually fall into one of three categories: Believable, unbelievable, and ridiculous. A recent claim from International Business Times is making a strong case for a fourth, even less plausible designation. According to the IBT, Apple's next iPhone is definitely going to come with a...

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Why is there so much skin in this iOS fishing game?

The topic of sexism in games is one that has raged for years and will continue to do so long after Ace Fishing has faded from existence, but for the moment it is the only game in recent memory that forced me to stop playing it because I felt too gross to continue. Ace Fishing is, as the name...

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A spoiled generation of tech observers yearn for Apple innovations on-demand

It's a funny thing; the more technology advances, the more impatient people become in anticipation of even newer and greater innovations. The result is an abundance of analysts, bloggers, and pundits who may very well be the crappiest generation of tech observers we've seen to date. Of course, I'm...

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Why Apple should buy Starbucks

Am I taking crazy pills, or did the internet just give me two hilarious pie-in-the-sky Apple acquisition articles in the span of three days? On March 26th, The Street posted an argument for why Apple should throw down the cash to buy Netflix. Not to be outdone, Cult of Mac followed that lead and...

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The worst article about the iPhone 6 has already been written

The iPhone 6 doesn't even officially exist yet, but the wilds of the internet have already yielded a contender for the title of "Worst iPhone 6 article ever," and it's a strong one. Coming out of LAPTOP, the piece is titled "6 Reasons the iPhone 6 Has Already Lost." We already know we're in...

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Seriously though, where is the new Mac mini?

The Mac mini is arguably the strangest product in Apple's Mac lineup. It's basically a bunch of notebook components crammed into a tiny case, and despite being a desktop it abandons things like front-facing USB ports and even a disc slot. It also happens to be the perfect fit for many Apple fans,...

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The Galaxy S5, or was that the 5s?

Yesterday, The Motley Fool posted a premature outlook on how the Galaxy S5 will change the iPhone's fortunes. A few tidbits that we can all have a hearty laugh over: The iPhone 5s is likely to pale, at least from a hardware perspective, in comparison. The Galaxy S5 is likely to sport a...

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CNBC publishes abysmal list of "things Apple needs to do right now"

Apple naysayers are a dime a dozen these days, and you don't have to dig very far on any business or general tech website to find someone who thinks Cupertino is akin to a barn on fire. So when I say I was actually shocked at how ridiculous CNBC's recent "Three things Apple needs to do right now"...

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Wearable tech shows promise but has a long way to go

Wearables! Are you tired of hearing about them already? If you followed CES coverage this week, you might be a little weary of hearing the term. Like it or not, "wearables" or tech that you wear will be coming to your house sooner or later. For now the tech is still in the early stages, as...

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Galaxy Gear features Apple should adopt (or abandon) for the iWatch

The tech world largely seems to have made its mind up that Apple will release its own smartwatch sometime in 2014. Personally, I'm skeptical. After witnessing the face-plant the Samsung Galaxy Gear performed, I'm not sure Apple would even be confident in testing the waters with an iWatch. But...

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Think an iPad seat for your baby is bad? You've only scratched the surface

I've been doing my best to ignore the outrage over the Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Seat since I started seeing it pop up on social networks for one simple reason: I knew full well that the people freaking out over this particular product had no idea what kinds of iPad/iPhone-compatible baby...

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Book criticizes Apple's recycling program, consumers in general

Macworld took a look at a new book by writer Adam Minter today; Junkyard Planet (US$25.99, Bloomsbury Press) explores the business of recycling, and in an excerpt from his book published by the website, Minter takes Apple to task on the effectiveness of its recycling program and attempts to lay...

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Rumor Roundup: Opinions are like *censored*

There was a grand total of one rumor this week. And here it is, in all its "glory": Apple reportedly testing 12.9-inch iPad with 2K and 4K resolution (BGR) "This is an unconfirmed rumor so far," BGR helpfully points out. Hey, guys? There's no other kind of rumor. Once a rumor is confirmed, it...

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OWC CEO blogs about closed Macs, slowing evolution of Mac hardware

Other World Computing has been creating products for Apple users since 1988, so the company has been a witness to the remarkable turnaround by Apple since that time. In a post on the OWC blog yesterday, CEO Larry O'Connor took Apple to task for the slow pace of Mac hardware evolution and product...

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