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Join us for a Tablet talkcast this evening at 5:30pm Eastern

Everyone's currently engaged with the fervor over the pending announcement, but once the dust settles, there'll be lots and lots of opinions to be shared and "will you/won't you buy it" conversations to be had. That's what our talkcast is for! This evening at 5:30pm Eastern, we invite you to join us...

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Snow Leopard: Party like it's 1998

On October 17, 1998 Apple released Mac OS 8.5, the first operating system that ran solely on Macintoshes with PowerPC processors. As far as system software upgrades go, this was the end of the line for any Mac built before the Power Macintosh 6100, introduced in March 1994. Earlier Macs ran on some...

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Sneaky Safari Updater opinion roundup

The news that Apple has stealthily included Safari in its Software Updater bounced all over the Mac blogosphere today, and earned cheers and jeers (well, mostly jeers). Here's a quick roundup. The most attention probably comes from John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla, who unequivocally calls the decision...

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Poll: iPhone at Macworld?

So will there be an iPhone announcement at Macworld? Some speculate that yes, there will be. Others say no, at least not at this time. We here at TUAW are agnostic about the entire issue. We're happy to report rumors about the iPhone in its many possible incarnations--who might manufacture it, what...

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