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Woz to buy two iPads

Newsweek chatted with one Steve Wozniak the week before the iPad launch, and unsurprisingly, he's going all-in on the new device, and planning on picking up (at least) two, one WiFi and one 3G. He's ordered them up online already, but he says he'll still be stopping by an Apple Store on Friday eveni...

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"Overwhelming" demand limiting iPad in-store pickup

According to MacDailyNews, shoppers who placed iPad pre-orders this morning are being told by Apple Store employees that demand could affect their plans for in-store pickup. It seems that several customers ordered iPads this morning, opting for at-home delivery. For whatever reason, they later ch...

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Apple taking it easy on flash memory order this year

CNET is reporting that iSuppli announced Apple is "cutting" their flash memory order this year, and in this case "cutting" doesn't mean "cutting" the way you or I would use it (as in, "The doctor said I had to cut my sugar intake, so I'll only have one doughnut instead of six."). No, it means "cutti...

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Has Apple cracked down on unlocker-resellers?

Is Apple hitting back at businessmen who buy, unlock and resell iPhones? Apple customers whose accounts show large, repeated iPhone orders are reportedly receiving emails canceling their orders and inviting them to enter the Apple reseller program, presumably with unlocking limitations. TUAW reader ...

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