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Tag: organization

Tell everyone what you want for Christmas with Instalist

Without wishlists, your holidays will be full of gifts that you don't like but are forced to say that you love so that you don't offend your loved ones. Instalist, free in the App Store, attempts to avoid holiday gift-giving debacles. You pick the items you want and then send the list to your fr...

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Stay organized and creative with the free version of NoteLedge

The NoteLedge iPad app, free in the App Store with in-app purchases, is built around inspiring creativity, not staying organized. Of course, it's great for that too. Unfortunately, NoteLedge gives a bad first impression. It immediately prompts you to sign up for the developer's Kdan cloud ser...

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Elegently manage your ideas with ClipUp

ClipUp is one of the many apps that takes a page from Pinterest's design and concept, but it has much more to offer in the way of functionality. You have everything you need to manage your ideas, plans and to-dos. Upload photos, take notes, link to websites or maps, record audio or take a video. ...

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Polymo makes organizing your iPhone photos easy

Polymo is a new camera app for iPhone with some nice twists. It just came out today, but I've been testing it for a while and I can say that at its US$1.99 pricetag, it's a really slick tool to have. This isn't a fancy photo app with a bunch of filters, grids and other features. It's a gesture-driv...

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iOS Review: BrightNest makes finding a start to spring cleaning a breeze

I'm not an organizational wizard. Neither is my wife. We've got busy schedules, artistic personalities, and cleaning is often the last thing on our minds. Worst of all, when we do finally find time to clean things have usually gotten so bad we don't know where to start. Enter BrightNest. BrightNe...

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Daily iPad App: 2Do

I'm not exactly the paradigm of organization -- it took me years to get a regular calendar set up and working, my email inbox is usually a mess of various reminders and things that need replying to, and my present to-do system is usually just whatever piece of paper I can grab in real life and ...

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Video App Demo: VideoBot Camera

Do you find it hard to sort through the videos on your iOS device? Apple didn't give users any organizational tools to speak of, unless you count alphabetical sorting. The lack of folders or any method for making sense of your video library can be a pain, so VideoBot hopes to make it easier. Chi...

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Paperless: A solid, easily customizable document manager for OS X

There are several bloggers here at TUAW who are slowly moving toward a paperless office. Steve Sande has had the best success, sharing some of what he's learned about culling out the piles of paper in his freelance business. However, it doesn't stop reams of paper from entering your life, or ...

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The paperless office: How to get there (and a discount e-book offer)

Last Wednesday on TUAW TV Live, I discussed my success over the past year at moving towards the ultimate goal of a paperless office. I thought it would be a good idea for me to pass along some of the methods I've been using to accomplish this elusive goal, and also offer a deal to our readers for an...

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iCollect Movies HD catalogs your movie collection on your iPad

MacMegasite reports that Hooked In Motion has released the iCollect Movies HD 1.0 app (US$4.99), which lets movie fanatics catalog their Blu-ray, DVD, HD DVD, UMD, VHS, Betamax, and Laserdisc collection right on their iPad. While the iPhone version, iCollect Movies Pro ($2.99), can use its camera to...

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iTunes bankruptcy, step one: The Great Purge

I'll admit it was a problem that I had created myself: I had moved my iTunes library from one computer to another. Then I tried syncing it across two computers. Add in a bunch of music from SXSW, along with other music given to me along the way, and before I knew it, my iTunes library was a 160GB m...

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Report: Foxconn making 1.5 iPhones per second

137,000 iPhones per day. That's how many manufacturer Foxconn is reportedly making these days, its chairman tells the press. That's an amazing figure adding up to 50 million iPhones every single year, even as Apple struggles to keep enough hardware in stock. And the process isn't easy, either -- ch...

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Announcing Trunk, an app store for Evernote

Evernote announced a new extension to their platform today, Trunk. It's essentially an App Store for Evernote, highlighting applications, hardware and platforms created by third parties which integrate with Evernote in various ways. Trunk offers easy access to new tech for users, as well as a means ...

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The iPhone app showdown

This was an intriguing experiment undertaken over at Minimal Mac: Patrick decided to play a little Homescreen Survivor with his iPhone app icons -- he cleared everything off his homescreen, and then only let those apps back on which he used more than once throughout the course of a week. The result?...

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"Cinch" your desktop windows into place

Cinch is a new Mac utility from Irradiated Software. It helps keep your desktop windows organized by snapping them into predefined sizes and locations when you hold them near an edge of your screen. While its toolset is limited in comparison to its big sister, the keyboard-based SizeUp (which we cov...

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