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Disney adds a little originality with Toy Story: Smash It

Last time I spoke with Disney's Bart Decrem, I asked him about the company's plans to put out original mobile games. Lately, they've been on a bender of rebranded iOS hits, including Temple Run Brave, Monsters Inc. Run, and Where's My Perry?, which is a branded remix of Disney's own original Wh...

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Atari follows up freemium Breakout Boost with paid Breakout Boost+

A little while back, Atari continued its releases of updated classic games for iOS with Breakout Boost, a freemium version of the classic brickbreaking game that offers updated graphics and a few new mechanics to go with them. This week Atari announced another title called Breakout: Boost+, and wh...

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TUAW's Daily App: Helsing's Fire

Helsing's Fire is an interesting little title with a pretty original gameplay premise. The idea is that you place torches in an area full of objects and walls, and you have to target or hide certain creatures with that light. The backstory of the game is about the adventurer Van Helsing and his fig...

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Video: Steve introduces the iPod

The Cult of Mac blog is pointing to a great video on YouTube featuring Steve Jobs introducing the original iPod to the world. I must admit, I was one of the near-sighted dolts who said, "I'm supposed to get excited over an Mp3 player?" That's why I don't have my own private Gulf Stream. Ch...

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