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Grackle68k: a Classic Mac OS Twitter app

It's always nice to own the latest and greatest Apple hardware, but some of us still use vintage machines. I've got a G3 All-In-One on my workbench that displays iFixIt PDFs while I work. I'll admit that I've wanted to tweet from that machine from a dedicated app, and now I can. Grackle68k is a T...

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This Old Mac: Icebooks

Remember when Apple ditched the clamshell iBooks and created the sleeker "icebook" form factor? My wife calls them Chiclets. Well we have 3 of them: a 500 MHz G3 from 2001 with a 10GB drive, a 800MHz G4 with a 60GB drive but a busted optical drive, and a 1.2GHz G4 with a 30GB drive but working CDR/D...

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Run Classic on an Intel Mac

We have covered SheepShaver before here on TUAW, the PowerPC emulator that makes running Classic a possibility on Intel Macs so, but we just pointed out that it exists. The good folks at UNEASYsilence have gone through the trouble of putting together a tutorial on how to get Classic up and running o...

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GameRanger to drop OS 9 support, eventually

Inside Mac Games reports that GameRanger, the online Mac gaming service,  will stop supporting booting GameRanger client in OS 9 at some point this year. This should surprise no one since OS 9 hasn't been commercially available for years. Now, for you game crazy OS 9 holdouts, fear not. The cli...

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Found Footage: OS 9's funeral

Ah, a walk down memory lane. Sit back and watch his Steveness conduct OS 9's funeral at 2002's WWDC....

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Now that you've turned your Mac into a PC, turn it into a Mac again

So you've done the formerly impossible and unnecessary: installed Winders on a Mac. Cool, best of both worlds. But there you are, staring at that awful primary color, jumbo crayon, sickly plasticky XP theme. Yeah, you could use one of the many mods featured on Download Squad (please, feel free). Or ...

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