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Apple seeds OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 7

Apple is moving steadily forward on OS X Mavericks, releasing the Preview 7 version to developers today. The release includes a few extra wallpapers and a link to a new OS X Mavericks page that is not fully live, yet. There are also a handful of bug fixes that are detailed in the release notes pos...

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Apple releases Mavericks core technology overview

Apple spent a lot of time talking about the key new features of OS X Mavericks, but the company only glossed over the impressive underlying technology that powers the operating system. For those hardware and software geeks in the audience, Apple has released a document detailing the core technolog...

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Macs compatible with OS X Mavericks

One outstanding question about OS X Mavericks is the minimum hardware requirements needed to run the operating system. There are a lot of older Core 2 Duo machines kicking around, and those owners are wondering it they still have the horsepower to run Mavericks. Apple hasn't released those details...

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Apple unveils Keychain for iCloud, confirms 300 million iCloud accounts

Apple today at WWDC announced some changes to iCloud, including a new iWork for iCloud and a keychain feature that'll sync your logins across all your iOS devices. The keychain is a cloud-connected password manager that ties into Safari on the desktop and Safari on the iPad and iPhone. It'll save ...

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Apple announces Safari upgrades as part of OS X Mavericks

Apple has announced an updated version of Safari at WWDC. The browser update adds a new home page featuring a Top Sites feature that stores all of your bookmarks and regularly read sites. Using a new bookmark bar, you can easily add and remove links to your Top Sites selection. They've also ...

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Apple brings Maps to OS X in Mavericks

Maps in OS X was expected, but is very welcome. After a rough beginning on iOS, Apple Maps has been progressing, and now with Maps running on OS X, we'll see some powerful integration between the Mac and iOS. Maps on a Mac looks smooth and impressive in 3D. Even better, there's a big effort to ...

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Apple announces iBooks for OS X

Apple has announced that iBooks for OS X will be included as part of OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Users will be able to access all 1.8 million iBooks on the Mac. The iBooks for OS X interface will be a two-page layout by default and be totally flat, which means there will be no skeuomorphic pages. Users...

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Apple introduces OS X Mavericks at WWDC 2013

Apple has run out of cat names for its new OS, so it's gone to a California theme. The next OS X will be... ta da... OS X Mavericks. Apple claims the new release, OS X 10.9, will have deep improvements in battery life and finder tabs. Apple is also adding tagging, which will enhance search grea...

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