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How to watch the Oscars on your iPhone, iPad or Mac

ABC announced this week that it will be live streaming the Oscars to its Watch ABC service, but the broadcast won't be easy to watch on your iOS device or Mac. You will need to subscribe to a participating pay-TV provider and live in one of eight ABC geographic markets. Both the Watch ABC app and...

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New iPad ad debuts at Oscars

The iPad and iPad mini donned their latest and most fashionable apps and made an Oscar appearance in the form on an ad on Sunday night. It's not the first time Apple has made an appearance at the Oscars. Apple's showings at the awards show stretch all the way back 2007, when the first Apple iPh...

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Thanking the Academy: Five Apps for the 2013 Oscars

If you're eagerly awaiting the 85th Academy Awards airing this Sunday on ABC, you may find one of these five apps useful before and during the show -- and all of them are free. Good luck to the nominees! Oscars The official app for the event. It's pretty much a US-only affair, and isn't perfe...

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iPhone saves the day filming Oscar-nominated documentary

CNN Money has a great interview with actor, writer and director Malik Bendjelloul, who finished shooting his Oscar nominated documentary Searching For Sugar Man using an iPhone. According to Bendjelloul, he ran out of money while filming with a Super 8 camera and had to finish the film using ...

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IMDb app adds support for Amazon Instant Video links, Oscars

Amazon's latest update to its IMDb app makes it easy for users to watch a movie when they are done reading about it. The new feature will let users click a link in IMDb and watch the title in the Amazon Instant Video app, if the movie is available as part of Amazon Prime video. It's a welcome l...

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Get your film fix with the official Oscars app

If you were online at all on Thursday it was virtually impossible not to see a headline reporting on the 2013 Academy Award nominations. If you did happen to miss them, you can see all the nominees and get more information than you would ever need about every actor and film with the only offici...

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Apps for the 2011 Academy Awards

With the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences 83rd Annual Academy Awards (or as we like to call them: The Oscars) airing this Sunday on ABC, iOS-using movie fans may want to enhance their viewing experience with a few Apps for their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So, we've put together a li...

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WSJ: Hundreds of thousands of iPads sold, Apple scrambling for content deals

The Wall Street Journal has written that Apple is scrambling to get everything ready for the iPad's release on April 3rd -- not only has it already "sold hundreds of thousands of the device, [according to] people familiar with the matter," but Apple is also working hard to try and "nail down" sever...

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A look at the framework of Apple's iPad ad

The iPad, like the iPhone, used the Oscars to make its ad debut. As is typical with an Apple ad, the iPad's ad featured a montage of different uses for the device, all while set to the backdrop of a catchy tune. In making his case for the iPad, Apple CEO Steve Jobs noted that it would offer a bette...

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Final Cut dominant among Oscar documentary nominees

Steve Jobs and the iPad both appeared on TV during last night's Academy Awards, but they weren't the extent of Apple's presence. Cnet reports this morning that the majority of the "Documentary Feature" and "Documentary Short" nominees -- 9 out of 10 in fact -- were made using Final Cut Studio, Ap...

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Like iPhone, iPad ad premieres at Oscars

Talk about big premieres. Like it did with the iPhone and its "Hello" ad, Apple used the Oscars as the platform to debut its iPad commercial. The ad, set to the background of The Blue Van's "There Goes My Love," shows the iPad being used in a variety of ways: viewing a movie, reading an eBook, disp...

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Talkcast reminder: Oscar night show 10pm ET

It's the biggest night in show business, but just in case you're not caught up in the Hollywood horse race (go Hurt Locker!) you're welcome to join Mike Schramm and I for our Sunday night Talkcast, as we dive into all things Mac, iPhone and iPad. This week, of course, the big news was the announc...

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Vanity Fair releases Oscar predictions app

Film fans everywhere will be sitting before their TVs on March 7th to catch the Academy Awards. Now, as with so many other things, there's an app for that. Vanity Fair Magazine has produced the free Oscars app called Vanity Fair Hollywood. Users can submit their predictions for winners, brows...

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Oscar-nominated short films in iTunes Store

There are two Oscar award categories with films that almost no one ever sees, and those are the live action and animated short films. Unfortunately, these films usually never make it past film festival circuits and don't receive wide distribution, and typically they are welcomed with a big "huh?" wh...

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iPhone ad to appear during today's Oscars ceremony?

Macworld UK has apparently heard it through the grape vine (or apple tree?) that Apple has secured some ad time for the iPhone during tonight's 79th annual Academy Awards ceremony. The proceedings kick off at 8 pm EST on ABC, and the ad was apparently "made for the Oscars," though no more details ...

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