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Tag: osx86

The little Leopard laptop

I can always tell when I'm bored, because that's when I think up some challenge for myself. The initial spark for this challenge came when I wrote a post a few months ago about how Paul O'Brien at Modaco had successfully installed Leopard on a Windows-based "netbook". TUAW's Mike Schramm further ...

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Apple modifies Public Source License to thwart hackers

The InsanelyMac Forum has a post concerning an apparent modification Apple made to their Public Source License, the license that guards the open source portions of Mac OS X such as its Unix kernel, called Darwin. The changes the InsanelyMac Forum cite seem to have been made to set up another roadblo...

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Apple Drops Trusted Computing

When Apple announced the move to Intel processors, there was a good deal of talk regarding whether the company would make use of the content protection offered through Intel's Trusted Platform Module (TPM) to ensure OSx86 could only be run on Apple's own hardware. Although Apple did eventually inclu...

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OSx86 Project announces forum reorganization and upcoming name change, hints at new features

I just received an email from the OSx86 Project announcing a few recent and upcoming changes they have and will be making to the site. Last week they reorganized the forums to make the browsing and searching process easier, but in the upcoming weeks (by the end of the month, they promise), a host of...

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Why no Windows on Macintel? $12,000

It's an interesting and logical theory. You know that contest to see who can get Windows to run on an Intel-based Macs? According to the OSx86 project, that very contest is the reason we aren't all dual-booting right now. One argument for open source is that collaboration breeds potentially better,&...

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OSX86 Forums Closed by DMCA Violation Notice

For those people attempting to get Mac OS X 10.4.x for Intel installed on machines other than Macs, the best place to get that information was the forums at the OSX86 Project. The forums are now closed indefinitely because the project was served with a DMCA violation notice and the project manager(s...

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Apple Seeks (Poetic) Justice

Seems Apple has hidden a secret message to OSX86 hackers to find in the 10.4.4 build of Mac OS X for Intel. And this time it's in verse! Your karma check for today: There once was a user that whined his existing OS was so blind, he'd do better to pirate an OS that ran great but found his hardware de...

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Red Hat Linux distro to boot on Intel Macs

They haven't mentioned exactly HOW they will make Red Hat Linux boot on the new Intel-based Macs, but a Red Hat spokesperson has confirmed they are committed to creating a distro for the new hardware. This may take a while because they haven't yet purchased any Intel Macs. Secondly Red Hat Fedora ha...

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Contest: Dual-booting WinXP and Mac OS X on Intel Mac

Here's a guy that so badly wants to run Windows XP natively on his new Intel-based Mac that he's started a contest to pay the first person who can offer a working way to dual-boot both Mac OS X and WinXP on an Intel Mac. I'm all for the idea of having a computer than can run any OS on the market, bu...

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Intel Software Development Tools Beta for Mac OS

Intel is offering a free trial of the following products for MacIntel developers: Intel® C Compiler for Mac OS Intel® Fortran Compiler for Mac OS Intel® Math Kernel Library for Mac OS Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives for Mac OS I'm not sure much of this would be o...

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Official Firefox version for OSx86 available in March

ZDNet reports that an official version of Firefox for Intel Macs will be available in late March. The official release is being targeted for the release of Firefox If you need to run Firefox before March on your OSx86 machine, there are a few possible choices: 1. Use Apple's Rosetta to run ...

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The Hidden Message to OSx86 Trawlers

In the MacBook Pro's version of OSx86, in /System/Library/Extensions lies a little message in a kernel extension for would-be readers: <key>_name</key><string>Dont Steal Mac OS X[...]<string>Copyright (c) 2006 Apple Computer, Inc.  All rights reserved.<string>The p...

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My day in the Mactel underground installing OS x86

Last week I was listening to This Week in Tech, with the golden voice of Leo Laporte. Apparently Leo had refused a copy of os x86 that had been offered to him by some punk kids. Me? I love punk kids. They pay my bills (because I'm paid to teach them). So it was with great glee that one such punk kid...

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