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iTunes outages reported by some

Apple has confirmed that users may have experienced an outage across its store services today, including iTunes, the App Store, Mac App Store, and the iBookstore. The outage effected access to iTunes in the Cloud, iTunes Match, and the ability to restore purchases from iCloud backup. In total the ...

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Apple TV outage: TV shows menu not visible (Updated)

According to a recent tweet, since verified by our staff, there's an issue with Apple TV in the US at the current time. The TV shows menu, which is normally accompanied by the Movies, Music, Computers and Settings menus, is AWOL. The first sign of this issue appeared in a series of tweets by @Crai...

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Some of Apple's online services down this morning

No, it's not your imagination. Some of Apple's online services have been down this morning. A quick look at the Apple System Status page shows that the iTunes Store was down for 16.6 percent of all users between 8:57 and 9:42 AM ET, and that continuing outages affecting less than 1 percent of all ...

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Apple Developer Center outage fixed 'Remote Code Execution' issue

The Apple Developer Center downtime that brought the dev corner of Apple's online services down for over a week was apparently centered around what the company is calling a "remote code execution issue," MacRumors reports. The company posted the information on the Apple Web Server Notifications pa...

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Outages affect App Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store, and iTunes for some users today

Users of Apple's various online stores including the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes and iBookstore saw outages today from 11:23 AM to 1:54 PM ET. According to Apple, the outages only affected "some users," but those users were unable to download previously purchased content or restore apps from ...

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Some users experience FaceTime, iMessage outages for the second time in one week

Apple's FaceTime and iMessage services experienced some downtime Friday morning, the second such outage this week. Today's outage only lasted from 10:45 AM to 12:07 PM, but the outage on Tuesday lasted for five hours and affected the same programs. Other Apple services were not affected, and th...

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Two-day iCloud mail outage continues to frustrate users

The status site says that only 1.1 percent of iCloud users are affected, but you wouldn't know it by the volume of agitation on our tip line. Since yesterday morning, iCloud mail connectivity has been iffy or entirely absent for some subscribers, and Apple's not commenting aside from the "we're w...

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Did you experience a Siri outage?

We've seen a few minor outages for Siri since its debut, but those were minor blips compared to what appears to have been a more widespread, longer lasting outage that took place earlier today in the US, Europe and South Korea (according to Electric Pig -- we can attest to seeing an error message ...

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Original Siri service is dead, long live Apple Siri

If you scoffed at the news that Apple's Siri would only be available on the iPhone 4S, thinking that you could just use the standard Siri app that was still available on the App Store, then scoff no more. The freely available Siri app has been removed from the App Store completely, and as TechC...

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Apple Store outage related to larger 'net issues?

As tweeted by TUAW earlier this morning, the online Apple Store was down for hours and finally came back up a few minutes ago. Although we'd love to be able to announce a new Mac Pro, the iPhone 5, and an iPad 3, it appears that nothing has changed in the store, and the outage might have been d...

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Cydia back up after multi-day outage

Good news for the jailbreak community as Cydia is now back up and running. Along with many other companies, the alternative app store for iOS devices has been down for several days due to Amazon's highly-publicized E2C Cloudfront server outage. During this downtime, Cydia suspended all download...

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MobileMe DOA?

Looks like it. You can't access the main MobileMe page. Apple says this on their MobileMe support page:" MobileMe members are intermittently unable to access MobileMe services. Mail is available via a desktop email application, or Mail on iPhone or iPod touch. Normal service will be restored ASAP. W...

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Pingdom posts insight into latest Mobile Me outage

Despite the server-side updates Apple detailed last week, the company's beleaguered Mobile Me service is still problematic for many users. Yesterday, we received a number of e-mails complaining that Apple's domain was reporting 404 errors. Today, the fine folks at (which monitors ...

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Are you affected by MobileMe mail outage?

What's up with MobileMe email? In recent days we've been hearing from a lot of very unhappy MobileMe subscribers. They're unhappy because their email accounts have been inaccessible. David told us: "Some MobileMe mail users have been without mail access for four days straight now." At the time of wr...

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MobileMe browser requirements page found

Joining in on the conversation about tonight's .Mac outage, reader Chad sent us a link to a page he discovered on .Mac. He said that while trying to access his .Mac service on his iPhone, he was redirected to a MobileMe browser requirements page. One of the suspicious things on the page is the fact ...

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