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Daily iPad App: Delivery Status touch, A package tracker

Delivery Status touch is a package tracking app that's compatible with more than 30 delivery services worldwide including UPS, FedEX, and DHL. The app tracks multiple packages from multiple sources and looks great on the large screen of the iPad. To use the app, you must have packages with ...

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MLB introduces mobile-phone-only subscription

Major League Baseball has switched up the pricing on its streaming service, and while most of the changes lately have been sending prices upwards (the iOS apps went up in price again this year), these changes are somewhat of a discount. The premium and regular packages have dropped in pr...

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LANrev releases free version of InstallEase

Who can take some software, bundle it for you? Make a free installer and then seal it up with glue? InstallEase can (with apologies to Sammy Davis, Jr.). The packaging utility, long part of the LANrev crossplatform management & audit tool, is now available free of charge -- making it very comple...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status 3.6 remembers tracking numbers, gets even easier to use

Mike Piontek can't stop making his phenomenal Delivery Status Dashboard widget cooler. As if features like compatibility with a zillion shipping services and Growl notifications aren't cool enough, a couple of recent updates have brought some handy performance enhancements and compatibility with ...

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Stikkit web service has all sorts of Mac OS X integration

Stikkit is a new web service in the same organizational vein as Backpack, but it employs some pretty wild tricks and technology to help get your productivity on. The idea behind Stikkit is to get rid of the manual page organization that locks you into one form of hierarchy or another by allowing you...

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Readers with experience using certain distributions of Linux or Fink under X11 on OS X will be familiar with the concept of package managers. Basically, a package manager is an application or service with allows users to download and install applications of their choosing from a set catalog of soft...

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Smaller box for Tiger

ifoAppleStore reports that Apple has started using new boxes for retail versions of OS X (as seen above in this picture taken by ifoApple). The new box is very similar to the iLife '06 and .mac packaging. I, for one, applaud Apple for using smaller packing since I just toss the boxes (and that can'...

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