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Installer.app locks out PXL package

Lots of drama in the iPhone development community since last night, and it all revolves around a decision that "lg," the developer of Installer.app, made to remove PXL from its list of installable applications. PXL is another package manager for iPhone (open source, while Installer.app is still free...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status 3.6 remembers tracking numbers, gets even easier to use

Mike Piontek can't stop making his phenomenal Delivery Status Dashboard widget cooler. As if features like compatibility with a zillion shipping services and Growl notifications aren't cool enough, a couple of recent updates have brought some handy performance enhancements and compatibility with ...

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Phynchronicity: Fink GUI

Everybody knows that at the heart of OS X lies a powerful UNIX/BSD installation, but actually installing UNIX software can be a bit of pain, requiring command line trickery at least, and sometimes even compiling from the source (and dealing with dependencies, etc.). Fortunately, the Fink package man...

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