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Apple's beautiful packaging

Anthony Kay takes unboxing to a whole new level. There's no video, no jazzy music, and no wild photos. He has a simple unboxing method that examines Apple's stellar product packaging. Kay points out that packaging is often overlooked by most companies, yet the box "really is part of the overa...

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How Apple tests product packaging

We all know just how obsessive Apple is about the little things. Scott Forstall, Apple's VP of iOS software, has mentioned that he uses a photographer's loupe to make sure that every pixel on the iOS interface is "just right." Now an upcoming book opens the door on a secret room at Apple HQ where ...

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Apple updating some packaging after OS X Lion release

Apple has updated the packaging on several Macs after the debut of OS X Lion, according to MacTrast. The site's managing editor compared a Lion-running MacBook Pro and a Snow Leopard-running model he purchased earlier this year; other than the new machine running Lion, the two Macs had identica...

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MobileMe may be Apple's least "green" product, packaging-wise

When I purchased my MacBook Pro in early 2008, I threw down US$69 for a .Mac (now known as MobileMe) membership. I expected to get an email confirmation of my .Mac order (which I did), followed shortly by another email with an activation code. Instead, I received the hot mess you see in the pic abo...

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No Comment: Apple Germany says nein to eiPott

How do you say "completely unsurprised" auf Deutsch[1]? Berlin-based blog BZiPhone reports that the German-made eiPott has been delivered the death blow, courtesy of Apple Germany (translation). The computer and phone maker has gotten a restraining order against the Erbach-based koziol, maker of cut...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Apple borked my box. Now what?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I ordered a 32GB iPad WiFi+3G model back in March, shortly after they were announced. I ordered a few accessories too, each of which has shipped separately ahead of the iPad. I received the first accessory today via FedEx--the iPad Dock. I've always been a fan of Apple's packag...

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Apple products announced today: It's easier being green

Apple made a concerted effort today to highlight the reduced impact its new products have on the environment. This effort all started with Steve Jobs' open letter in 2007, A Greener Apple, announcing a long-term plan to "protect the environment and make our business more sustainable." The letter was...

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iPhone 3G to be shipped in eco-friendly packaging: spuds

The new iPhone 3G will ship in a paper tray made that has a carbon footprint a tenth the size of a plastic tray, according to its manufacturer. The paper tray, manufactured by Dutch firm PaperFoam, is made from potato or tapioca starch. According to Dutch blog Bright, PaperFoam CEO Hans Arentsen sa...

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How green is Apple?

Is Apple a "green" company? Today is Blog Action Day, where 15,000 blogs are publishing posts about the environment. I have always thought of Apple having an eye towards the environment, but perhaps I think this is because I remember Apple eschewing extra paper on their boxes way back in the early d...

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Microsoft: We created the iPod packaging parody

Well, here's one we didn't see coming. You may remember the video that was floating around a couple of weeks ago that poked fun at Microsoft by illustrating what the iPod's packaging might look like if Redmond were in charge. Well, according to this article at the iPod Observer, the video was create...

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