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App beat: Pack like a professional with Packing Pro

If you invariably find yourself arriving at a travel destination missing one or more critical items left sitting on your desk or bed, Packing Pro from Quinnscape may be the app for you. Creating a packing list on a slip of paper is great as long as you don't leave anything off or lose the list. Most...

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Gearing up for Macworld: My 5 apps & packing list

Hitting the road for a week or more can be daunting enough when packing for a regular business trip, but when the itinerary includes the hustle and flow of Macworld Expo, I start to think a bit more seriously about exactly what I'm taking and why. The good news is, of course, that a few well-chos...

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Pack like a pro with your iPhone

I'm never very organized when I travel. I usually pay the price too, with panicked runs to the store when I reach my destination. Toothpaste, ties, batteries, you name it, I've had to buy it on the road. I've never been one for making huge lists, but Packing Pro [App Store link] may just change that...

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TUAW Tips: Packing your gadgetry for travel to faraway lands

In case you've missed me, I've been in Africa for the last couple of weeks. On top of all the business traveling I do, I also love traveling to exotic or fun locations with my wife several times a year. One question I often hear from friends, clients, and TUAW readers is "How do you pack all of ...

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