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Pad & Quill Walden Collection for iPad Air: TUAW Video Review

Many of the leather Pad & Quill iPad cases that we've reviewed over the years have had one thing in common -- they're all rather thick when you take the Baltic birch frame into account. The Pad & Quill designers went back to the drawing board for the new Walden Collection case for iPad Air...

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Pad & Quill's Cartella Linen: A solid addition to an great line

Steve Sande is normally our Pad & Quill guru, but when the new Cartella Linen came along, he had one sent out to me for a test drive. Design I took a look at the leather-bound Cartella nearly a year ago with my smaller MacBook Air, and the larger linen-bound one is much the same. Instead...

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Pad & Quill Cartella makes your MacBook Air the Moleskine it's always wanted to be

Pad & Quill has emerged within the past year as a great competitor for the DODOcase. I managed to play a bit with the review cases that Steve Sande reviewed in January at Macworld/iWorld and was impressed with the build quality for the iPad. Pad & Quill also makes the Cartella Case fo...

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The Ultimate iPad Case Review Roundup and Giveaway

As much as I love reviewing iPad cases, it sometimes becomes a bit overwhelming to handle all of the review requests we get from manufacturers. In the interest of getting a pile of overdue case reviews done and get these cool cases into the hands of our readers, I'm going to review and give awa...

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