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Airturn is a Bluetooth-enabled music page turner for iPad

We heard about the Airturn when it first released a few years ago, and the company is here at Macworld/iWorld 2013 this week in San Francisco, showing off both the older two-pedal unit, and the brand new four-pedal unit you can see above. That piece in the middle of each unit is a Bluetooth dev...

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Kindle for iOS updated, adds page numbers and progress meters

The Kindle app for iOS (my personal reading app of choice) got a nice update yesterday that brings "real" page numbers into the app. Now, as you read along in some e-books, you'll get to see where you'd be in the printed version, so if you're reading Kindle books along with a class or book club, yo...

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Apple's official iPad video, specs page

Apple has updated their website with all kinds of fun iPad information, including an official specs page and the video that was shown at the end of today's event. The thing looks just plain beautiful, but then again this is basically their first ad for the "magical and revolutionary" device, so you...

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The promotional email for the .Mac webmail refresh that went out over the weekend might have been a bit more revealing than we originally thought. Reader Harry noticed the address Apple used to send it was a bit different than the standard '' (and honestly, I'm signed up for so much...

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CPSC and Apple get recall battery lists synced

We've noticed around the web, and also received a number of reports from you observant readers, that the list of recalled batteries didn't quite match up between the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) and Apple. Understandably, quite a bit of confusion was building over this, but fortuna...

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Sandvox 1.0.2 with new features, demo screencast, intro pricing ends soon

Karelia Software has updated Sandvox, their feature-packed WYSIWYG web design app, to version 1.0.2, bringing a few new features to the table such as a much-requested Format menu. Of course, other bug fixes and the like are included, so check out the release notes for the full details. In addition t...

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New Packrat version adds true list and note creation

A new Packrat version (version 0.84 build 220) has enabled 100% edit-ability of lists and notes on pages, including the create of new lists and notes on pages that previously had none. To facilitate this, a new 'Action' button has been added to Packrat's toolbar, containing 'create new note/list' c...

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Packrat update brings more Backpack editing, bug fixes

Packrat, the offline editing and syncing client for Backpack, has been updated to version 0.83 build #206 (I know, it isn't as pretty as 'Packrat 2.0', but you'll live). More editing abilities have been added, as you can now delete emails you have sent to Backpack pages, edit the page title and bod...

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