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New paint supposedly fixes white iPhone production issue

Recent sightings of the white iPhone 4 in inventory systems suggest the release of the elusive handset may be imminent. Another report from Japanese blog Macotakara lends credence to these earlier leaks by claiming the paint problems that plagued the white iPhone 4 have been solved. According to the...

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Zen Bound adding new tree in free update

Touch Arcade has a slew of new screenshots from an upcoming free update for a game I've been coming back to more and more lately on my iPhone: Zen Bound. When I first installed it, I thought of it as more of a tech demo than a game, but as you load it up more and more, you really do start uncovering...

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Doc Mac shows off Colorwared iPhone

Doc Macenstein dropped us a note about his new Colorwared (can I use that as a verb?) iPhone, and just like everything else Colorware has done, it looks pretty darn sweet. The only problem, though, is that the process is not only pretty pricey-- a full paint job, including dock, earbuds, and button,...

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MacBook Pros now available in 20 colors - from ColorWare

It seems like the rumors of multi-colored MacBook Pros were true, though Apple wasn't the one who dipped them in paint. ColorWare, purveyors of colorized high-end electronics, has added the 15-inch MacBook Pro (sorry, no 17-inch - yet) to their array of products you can purchase new and colorized. ...

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