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Procreate now available in a convenient pocket size

Procreate (US$5.99) has long been the go-to app for artists wanting to use their iPad as a digital canvas. Today there's a new version of the app available for those who want the ultimate portable art studio - Procreate Pocket ($2.99) for iPhone. Optimized for the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus...

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It's amazing what artists can do with an iPad and a stylus

Despite Steve Jobs' assertion at the launch of the iPad in 2010 that it was more of a "content consumption tool" than something that people would use to create content, exactly the opposite has been true. Musicians use iPads on stage for a variety of uses, writers have written books on the devices...

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5 amazing iPad paintings that we know are real

The internet just can't seem to come to a consensus on whether or not that ridiculously detailed iPad painting of Morgan Freeman was legit or not, but that's OK, because we have plenty of examples of jaw-dropping iPad art that we know for sure are real. How do we know? Well, we have full videos sh...

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De Young Museum exhibit highlights the iPad art of David Hockney

"Yosemite I, October 16th 2011" (Credit: David Hockney) British painter and photographer David Hockney caught on to the ability to use iPhones and iPads to create art years ago; in fact, in 2009 we covered a story on how Hockney was making small paintings on the iPhone as gifts for friends. Now t...

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Awesome Steve Jobs portrait made by injecting bubble wrap with paint

An artist by the name of Bradley Hart has created an amazing Steve Jobs portrait by injecting paint into individual nodules of bubble wrap. As Benjamin Starr at VisualNews describes: Hart's newest works -- mostly portraits -- are exceptional in the way they use each bubble in the wrap as a...

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Daily iPad App: Deco Sketch Pro is a unique photo editor and graphics creation tool

Deco Sketch Pro is a universal iOS app that features geometric effects that can be added to images you have, or you can start from scratch. The US$2.99 universal app includes 10 brush types with 130 variations. You can extract color from a photo and use it as the base for an effect. You can sta...

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Inspire Pro 1.3 adds Retina graphics support, price drops to $0.99

Inspire Pro, an artist-quality painting and sketching app from Kiwipixel, was recently updated to support the Retina display of the new iPad. Version 1.3 has a faster rendering engine, better brushes and two new high-resolution canvas sizes that are compatible with the iPad's display. To cele...

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Daily iPad App: Paper by FiftyThree may make you an artist

I am not an artist. I love art, but don't have the necessary skills (except for those I've picked up on my own) to really do anything that I'd want other people to see. When some of the early iPad drawing/painting apps started coming out, I eagerly bought them to try, but found that my lack of ...

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Painting a Steve Jobs tribute live

This video was sent along by reader Danny B, and while we've seen a few works of art paying tribute to Steve Jobs, we haven't really seen one made live in real time like this. Just trust me -- you can watch the video below, and I think it's fascinating how the art goes from just a few brush str...

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Multi-Touch finger paintings merge art with tech

Anybody can fingerpaint -- it's pretty much a standard part of kindergarten curriculum -- but artist Evan Roth took it a step farther with his Multi-Touch finger paintings. (Heads-up: some salty language on his site). By putting tracing paper over his iPod touch, paint on his fingers, and perfo...

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Macs as artist: The interactive robotic painting machine

Artist and composer Ben Grosser sent us a tip about his latest project, an interactive robotic painting machine. The machine has three computers that run python code written by Grosser, two of those being computers for those who "Think Different" -- a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. The process is fa...

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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Doodle Buddy for the iPad

Doodle Buddy is a free finger-drawing app for the iPad. It brings the fun of childhood finger-painting to the iPad as well as the grown-up need to make quick sketches to share with friends, family or co-workers. For your children or the child inside all of us, Doodle Buddy lets you draw with ...

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Review: Crayola ColorStudio HD and Griffin iMarker pair up for coloring time

When Griffin and Crayola announced their collaboration back at CES in January, the idea of a combined stylus and drawing/painting iPad app for kids -- with the power to distinguish between finger touches and the tip of the stylus -- sounded fantastic. The flexibility of the iPad for keeping kid...

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Nomad capacitive brush now available for iPad

Some remarkable work has already been produced by artists using iPads -- David Hockney even mounted an exhibition in Paris of his iPad and iPhone paintings -- and the release of the new Nomad Brush should only increase their creativity. Until now, artists have been limited to using their fingers or...

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Remote Pallette lets you paint on your iPad with colors from your iPhone

The story a while back about connecting an iPhone to an iPad for a game of darts was pretty interesting, and here's another one in that vein: a new app called Remote Palette is universal for both devices, and will let you "paint" on the iPad, while controlling the colors used with the iPhone. "Dip" ...

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