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Explore one of the great art galleries with Uffizi Touch

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy is one of the great art treasure houses of the world. Construction began in 1560, and now it is home to thousands of paintings and statues from Renaissance artists like da Vinci, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. The entire collection ranges from the 1100s to the las...

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New Minecraft: Pocket Edition update due out soon

The next version of iOS' Minecraft Pocket Edition has been submitted, according to the official Mojang blog, and it brings another round of updates designed to bring the game in line with its bigger PC and console cousins. In this update, players are set to get access to things like paintings, ...

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Hobby artist creates paintings on the iPad

Obama Pacman's got a few cool paintings by an artist named John Haasl. The unique thing about these paintings is that Haasl created them exclusively with the iPad. While a lot of the talk around the iPad has centered on the device as a content consumer, content creation is definitely easier in one b...

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A free app for those who love art

It's true. I'm delighted to find free applications that stimulate and involve. The iPhone/iPod touch continues to open new vistas for those willing to explore the app store. If you love great art, then get thee to iTunes and download Love Art [App Store link] which is a tour of some of the great wor...

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