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Darts from the iPhone to the iPad

This is probably the coolest bit of iOS connectivity I've seen so far. KL Dartboard is an iPad app (for US$3.99) that serves as a virtual board for darts thrown by an app called KL Darts ... for the iPhone. So, the idea is that you buy the iPad app and set it up on the wall, and then you download...

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Found Footage: How to connect an iPad to your existing wireless keyboard

Along with Erica Sadun, I had some trouble connecting my shining new iPad to an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Eventually we both got it sorted out, but there are a few things that you do need to know. My problem was that although I could connect easily to an older BT keyboard, I could not pa...

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First Look: Keymote for iPhone / iPod touch takes control of your Mac

There are some applications out there that never cease to amaze me. We're always looking for shortcuts and ways to make our lives (and our computer use) much easier. Iced Cocoa's new Keymote [iTunes Link] for iPhone and iPod touch is sure to do just that! With Keymote, you'll never again have to re...

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TUAW Tip: Pair your Apple Remote to your Mac

Now that almost every Mac (expect for that odd duck, the Power Mac) sports Front Row and an Apple Remote many more people will find them in a situation I just experienced. I am typing this post on a brand new MacBook (I'll share my opinion about that later today) and I am listening to some music on ...

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