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Orange to start UK iPhone sales on November 10

Update: Orange has announced pricing for the iPhone, in a dizzying matrix of subscription & pay-as-you-go plans (Monkey, Dolphin, Canary, Racoon & Camel? Really?) matched with varying purchase costs. All plans include free unlimited WiFi access; wireless data is 250MB/mo on the PAYG plans an...

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USB-IF to Palm: "Oh really? You've got some explaining to do."

Didn't you hate it when you were a kid, and you would complain to an adult about something one of your siblings was doing, just to end up getting yourself in more trouble than they ended up in? Well, you might say that's exactly what is happening to Palm and the ongoing dispute with Apple over th...

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Pre ad is to iPhone ad as dude is to lady in Aerosmith song of the same name

What can I say? White background, disembodied finger and digi-creepy stillness of the device... the Bell [Canada] version of an ad for the Palm Pre looks hilariously like an iPhone ad. View the videos and judge for yourself. Then get a Pre if you are compelled to do so. It has maps and Twitter and y...

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The Pre in iPod's clothing

Palm has quite a checkered history when it comes to syncing your Pre with iTunes, going as far as to make the device report itself as an iPod, and leaving lingering speculation that Apple would block the device with future iTunes updates -- which is exactly what has happened. But many Pre owners wer...

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Palm updates Palm Pre webOS software, "fixes" iTunes bork

Palm released webOS 1.1.0 for its Palm Pre devices today. Normally, this would elicit a collective "that's nice" from TUAW, but what makes this interesting is that according to the release notes, the update "resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (8.2.1)....

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Two ways to sync iTunes to your Pre, but not for free

On Wednesday, our very own Christina "C-Mac" Warren told you about how the iTunes 8.2.1 update prevents the Palm Pre from syncing with your favorite music library. Never fear! There are a couple of ways that you can bring back that lovin' feeling between your Pre and iTunes, but they may cost you a ...

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iTunes 8.2.1 released: Update cripples Palm Pre sync

Update: PreCentral is reporting that the 8.2.1 update DOES bork Palm Pre syncing. They say that iTunes comes into focus as if it wants to sync, but that the Pre doesn't appear in the sidebar. Dow Jones & other sites now reporting confirmation from Apple spokespeople that the Pre is deliberatel...

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Palm Pre owners: Mark/Space has a Missing Sync for you

The Missing Sync line of software from Mark/Space has been around long enough that just about every handheld operating system made can now sync data with a Mac. As a result, it's not surprising that Mark/Space has announced Missing Sync for Palm Pre. The $39.95 Mac application (also available in a t...

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iPhone vs. Pre: The best air-travel companion

I'm by no means a frequent flyer, but I'm preparing for a trip to Vegas to get hitched in just about week. I'm loading up my iPhone with applications to make my vacation a little easier, like Flight Tracker and TripIt. Even with all these apps, I was left wondering if my iPhone would really be the p...

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We know the iPhone isn't cheap, but Billshrink shows the numbers

It's no secret that in addition to the initial price for the iPhone, that there's also months upon months of service plans to pay as well. BillShrink.com gave us some perspective yesterday, showing just how much of an Apple tax we really do pay for the iPhone. In a very easy-to-read infographic, t...

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Future iTunes versions could block the Pre, but why?

Yesterday, Megan noted a Fortune story saying that iTunes syncs flawlessly with the new Palm Pre. This, of course, got the water-cooler talk bubbling: "How did Palm pull it off? Will Apple allow this to happen?" Turns out they already have. A tech note on Apple's website notes the two dozen or so th...

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Fortune: Palm Pre syncs flawlessly with iTunes

We've previously reported on the emerging showdown between Apple and Palm over Palm's latest phone, the Palm Pre. The phone, set to come out the weekend before Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, is already said to have several technological improvements over the iPhone. But now, there's an a...

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