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Apple Store rendering shows another glass box in California

Anyone who has visited the Stanford Shopping Center cant miss the black sheeting that covers Apple's upcoming retail store, says a Palo Alto Online report. The new store will occupy two vacant storefronts and eventually will replace a mini-store that's located nearby. Residents can see the brea...

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Paris and Palo Alto getting new Apple Stores

ifoAppleStore has news of two new stores opening up soon. First up, Paris is getting another new store (in addition to the Opera store opened there recently) in the Carré Sénart shopping and entertainment complex, about 30 miles south of downtown. The area is reportedly quite built up...

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Apple no-cash policy for iPad takes some by surprise

Update: Apple has now reversed the no-cash policy. As loyal readers know, Apple stores are not particularly cash-friendly; in the case of the iPhone and the iPad, they're downright cash-hostile. Both devices require a credit or debit card for purchase, although you can waltz down the block and bu...

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Young customer receives iPad demo from Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs visited the Palo Alto Apple Store on University Avenue last Saturday, he did more than observe the sale of iPads. He gave one attendee a personal demo. And she was just a kid. Cédric Lignier shared the experience of watching Jobs demo the iPad for his daughter via Twitte...

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Steve pays a visit to Palo Alto store

Imagine that you're an Apple Store employee -- at the University Avenue store in Palo Alto, for instance -- and that iPad Saturday is one of the busiest, highest-pressure work experiences you've ever had. It's been hectic, customers are streaming through the store, there's media and onlookers eve...

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Apple prepping new prototype retail store in Palo Alto, California?

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Apple may be moving its store in downtown Palo Alto, CA to a new, larger space that would be "a new prototype for the company." Planning documents quoted by the newspaper describe a store that has a completely transparent facade at street level and huge in...

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